Pin Potential

121 Pinterest Training for Creative Business Owners


with Jen Stanbrook

Do you want to integrate Pinterest Marketing into your business promotion?

You have an established online business but haven’t mastered Pinterest marketing yet.

You’ve dabbled with it before but aren’t sure you’ve got it correct.

You’d like to learn from an expert, then put it into practice yourself.

You don’t have time for courses, don’t need my high touch mentor program but do want a 121 bespoke personal service.

That’s why I created Pin Potential!

You get to learn what you need to know, specific to your business, then go away and implement your skills with directed feedback. You get the best results in the fastest time possible. 


    You’ll be a business or agency, in a creative or design focused niche and understand that Pinterest should be part of your marketing.

    You want to use it to grow website traffic, and improve brand awareness. 

    You may have been focusing solely on Instagram, or not diversifying your marketing.

    Your business is well established, your website set up and you use Pinterest on a personal level, at least. You may not understand how it works for businesses.

    You are ready to learn the essentials, put some setup and strategy into place so you can continue using it yourself, or delegate to a team member.

    You may have done a course in the past and now want specific instruction on implementing Pinterest for your business.

    It’s time to get serious!


    What’s included?

    What is the Pin to Purchase framework?

    How do you book?



    You want a coach who has knowledge of using Pinterest themselves. Someone who understands the challenges of Pinterest Marketing in a business environment and can help you overcome them.

    PIN POTENTIAL is bespoke private coaching tailored to your needs. 

    You’ll typically have gaps in the following:

    • Understanding how Pinterest works for a business, even though you use it for ‘fun’.
    • Setting up the account, designing pins and building a long-term pinning plan
    • Converting Pinterest traffic into customers and clients

    At the end of our time together you will have a clear understanding of using Pinterest so you can go and implement it yourself.

    What’s Included:

    A 3 month bespoke, personal training package.

    3 x 1 hour private coaching sessions (recorded) with you and/or your team, 1 per month.

    Voxer messaging support weekdays 9-5 to confirm or clarify the training.

    Access to my 9 years of expertise using Pinterest for my business, and 6 years of coaching and mentoring business owners to successful Pinterest practices.

    Access to any of my Pin Kit Resources and Guides to help you make progress fast.

    The cost is £1200 in advance or 3 x payments of £400 each.


    Either pay £1200 in full or part payments of 3 x £400.

    Your personal commitment is to your private coaching sessions and taking the relevant action in between. 



    Using Pinterest for your business is more than making and saving pretty pins. Over 5 years of working with hundreds of businesses like yours, the Pin to Purchase framework was developed to ensure your Pinterest traffic converts to customer sales. 

    The framework covers organic pinning rather than ads or promotional pins.

    Your training will cover aspects such as:

    • Setup of your account and Pinterest boards
    • Help to create Pins and Pin Templates
    • Understanding Pinterest as a search engine
    • Optimising pins and boards for maximum reach and traffic
    • Best practices to convert traffic to sales


     Pin Potential training is right for you if:

     – You have a business with a website and use social media for marketing, but you haven’t yet tapped into Pinterest to any great degree. 

      You sell either products or services and have a full product suite already set up on your website.

      You run an established blog which generates an income but you haven’t yet fully grasped Pinterest or used it to maximum effect. 

    – You’re ready to commit to the £1200 investment to start your Pin Potential training. 

     This isn’t for you if you don’t have a website or established business, would rather use Pinterest Ads, or can’t commit to the financial and time investment . 

    It has given me the confidence to now easily find my way around Pinterest, Canva and Tailwind, to the extent that I feel comfortable with what I am doing.
    It has also encouraged me to implement email marketing into our business too. I feel that the  1-1 coaching, on top of the Pinning Club, gave me the extra push that I needed to be up and running properly on Pinterest.

    Neon Creations

    Pinterest gives me huge peace of mind, knowing that it is consistently working for me in the background – driving traffic to the blog, website and YouTube – whilst I get on with the ‘nitty gritty’ of running a handmade business. It allows me to focus on growing the business instead of spending precious time on social media, for little reward. Average monthly views for the year are around 16,000!


    Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts

    Jen and our sessions gave me the focus and confidence that I was lacking in taking my business forward.

    I’d like to add that Jen has given me so much confidence in myself and her belief in me and her support has brought me so far in such a short space of time. Thank You Jen


    Lisa Galley Illustrations

    More about me.

    • All roads lead to where are you right now. I firmly believe this. With 30 years of both self employed and corporate experience, I’m proud to be able to guide, support and mentor other women to online marketing success. 
    • For the last decade I’ve run Love Chic Living, the top UK home interiors blog as a thriving business and brand. Pinterest has been a driving force in its success. 
    • Hundreds of small businesses have benefitted from my experience and brought Pinterest marketing into their business toolkit, for greater focus, vitality and revenue.

    My goal?

    To help and support other women in business to create secure marketing plans for long term success. 

    How do I do that?

    Through easy to follow, accessible mentoring, building relationships and trust with all my clients. 

    My superpower?

    A love of people, a desire to see others success and a life dedicated to being the best I can be.