A membership club to help you build, grow and develop your Pinterest strategy in a community of smart business women. 

Implement your Pinterest skills in a supported environment where your success is TRULY VALUED.

Develop ideas, troubleshoot issues, consolidate your knowledge. 



Theresa runs Protek Wood Stain, a vibrant, online business selling garden products to the public.

This year alone has seen a 6000% increase in traffic from Pinterest and is now the focus of content creation across all of their social media channels.

Theresa says,

“I have got some insane figures! Over the moon!!!!”

Where are you at right now?

You know that Pinterest is an essential element of how you need to grow your business, but you’ve not yet seen its powerful results.

You may have spent time learning what you need to do to grow your Pinterest traffic. But there’s still a way to go. You’re not yet seeing consistent traffic, you’ve yet to pin regularly and you don’t feel confident in your strategy or skills.


You want feedback on your current pinning, you’re unsure of your pin templates, you don’t know if you can read the stats correctly. There’s more you’d like to know.

You work well under direction, with someone keeping you accountable, and you are determined to build on what you have started.

You love being part of a supportive group and appreciate the value of community and working together towards a common goal.


You are committed to making Pinterest work for your business in 2020. 

Jen is incredibly patient and helpful with a huge wealth of commercial and strategic Pinterest knowledge. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to successfully grow their business through Pinterest and become a master Pinterest Pinner! 

Kerry Coleman

What you can expect:

The Pinning Club membership is designed for creative, online businesswomen who want to implement their knowledge, grow their Pinterest  traffic and become a pinning pro, in a supported community. 

You’ll do this through my my monthly live coaching call, a members’ Hot Seat account analysis, the Facebook Pinning Club group, themed Support Guides AND a group of savvy business owners like you.

 You’ll work through various Stages, growing in confidence, developing your Pinterest skillset and getting the traffic that your online business deserves.

The Club will help you convert pin saves to clicks, create the best templates, write the correct descriptions, understand your pin stats, troubleshoot issues, spend less time pinning, AND see HUGE growth in website traffic.

You can go from less than 100 clicks per month to THOUSANDS. That’s thousands of new visitors, the right audience for your business, who connect, buy and become loyal. Isn’t that the DREAM?

 The Pinning Club is an exclusive membership which gives its members RESULTS; the model is trialled and tested, the content refined and the member’s growth just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Hi, I’m Jen, and I coach creative female entrepreneurs to use Pinterest successfully for their websites. I’m a business owner myself, running the top UK interiors blog, Love Chic Living, alongside my Pinterest Marketing business. I’m also a mum, a freelancer and an entrepreneur – life’s never dull that’s for sure!

Over the last 3 years I’ve helped thousands of businesses develop a clear and efficient plan for incorporating Pinterest into their marketing. AND I’ve brought over 2 million people to my own website from Pinterest.

In the last decade, I’ve grown a thriving business and am passionate about coaching your business to success with Pinterest marketing. The Pinning Club is my most exciting development yet; one where I can’t wait to help you change your business for the better.

Alongside Pinterest marketing, I believe in helping other women gain clarity, develop their opportunities and make a difference to their lives.

Jen x


Creating Consistency

You’ll establish consistency and routine of your pinning through guidance, support and the development of good habits and strategies.

Advanced Elements

Consolidate previous knowledge, learning new aspects such as promotional pins, video and story pins, new tools and landing page best practice.

Strategy Expertise

You will learn how to develop your current strategy, troubleshoot problems effectively and identify a successful approach

Seasonal Pinning

Understand Pinterest trends and seasons, pinning ahead of the events, reacting and adaption to changes on the platform.

Advanced Pinning

You’ll improve your pin design skillset, execute split testing experiments, read the results and update strategies accordingly

Showing Up

You’ll be kept accountable so you take action, ensuring you fulfill the commitment to both yourself and your business.

Traffic to my pins is now up by 36% after my Hot Seat! You have been a massive fountain of knowledge and support and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done. Pinterest is now my top traffic referrer

Victoria, Blogger and Business Owner

What You Need to Know:

The Pinning Club membership runs on a monthly basis and will coach you, keep you accountable and provide a community of like-minded, savvy business women.

If you are new or need a refresh to the latest strategy techniques and Pinterest best practice, you’ll need to complete the Pinning Made Simple 3 part video course first. 

Pinning Made Simple course teaches you the basics of strategy, pin design, board creation and account setup. If you’re a complete Pinterest novice, or want to ensure you have the latest best practice, this course is essential to help you move forward. 

If you’ve already completed Pinning Made Simple, you’ll move straight into the monthly Pinning Club program. 

Otherwise, you will be required to work through the 4 hour course in your first month to ensure you have the BEST knowledge to help you reach your Pinterest goals. 

Inside the Pinning Club: each month you’ll have opportunity to join the following:

1 x Group Coaching Call with me via Zoom

The direction and agenda will be set by the Club members to ensure you receive the exact information you need.

1 x Hot Seat Account Analysis:

Applications will be open to all members to put themselves forward to be in the Hot Seat. On a live call, their account, pins, strategy and traffic will be analysed and critiqued, helping them level up their pinning and grow their results. All members are invited to the call to watch and learn. This is an invaluable opportunity to grow your own knowledge.

Facebook Group Community:

The supportive, helpful environment where connections are really made. Get to know other creative female entrepreneurs, connect with other like minded businesses, find an accountability buddy and make progress using the weekly prompts. Also get access to me, your coach on a weekly basis.

 Downloadable Support Guides:

A variety of PDF’s, videos and tutorials, all short and actionable, helping you build on what you’ve already learned. A monthly theme will bring new aspects of Pinterest to your attention and give you the opportunity to become an advanced Pinterest marketer. From video pins to ads, to website conversions and advanced graphic design, these guides offer extensive skills that all successful pinners require.

Overall Jen, I think you’re fab! You have a really lovely way about you, you’re a good teacher and a good listener and I feel you’d always try to give me the right and best answer, which is really important.

Holly Wood, Founder of Community Inspire Collaborate, Blogger

Who’s It For?

The Pinning Club is for creative, online businesses women who have progressed though Pinning Made Simple  (either in advance of, or inside the Club) and want more support, encouragement and accountability to reach their goals. Whether you’re a blogger or run a business selling products and services, this space is for you. 

If you haven’t yet taken the Pinning Made Simple 3 part video course, there is opportunity to complete this during your first month within the Club.

You’ll want easy, convenient tasks which give step by step direction, building confidence, knowledge and connections AND to see results.

If this is you then you’re passionate and committed to fulfilling your promise to grow your business via Pinterest. 

I can’t wait to welcome you into the Pinning Club!


When does the Club officially begin?

Founding members will start joining the Pinning Club throughout May with an official start date of June 1st.  There has been a beta Pinning Club program where members have trialled and tested the formula, which has formed the basis for this exciting NEW club format.

What is the minimum time to sign up for?

The membership is a rolling monthly payment, which you can cancel at any time. There’s no minimum term and you will have full control over your account in the membership area.

Will the Monthly Fee remain the same?

This is a Founding Member’s rate and as such will remain at this level for the duration of your membership. If you leave and subsequently return you will be charged at the higher membership rate. There will be the opportunity, at a later date to convert to an annual membership though, saving you money, and adjusted for what you have already paid.

What if I can’t make all the live meetings?

Miss a live session? No problem, all recordings will be uploaded to your private membership area within 24 hours.

Do you offer refunds?

If you are not happy with either aspects of the club or your progress, please get in touch. Refunds will only be processed if you can provide evidence of taking action on all the tasks, attending all the live meetings, and working through the online guides.