The Brilliant Blogging Mastermind is a journey to create consistent, compelling content whilst discovering your unique blogging voice.

Over 8 weeks you’ll learn to confidently and consistently write authentic articles that communicate your brand to a wider audience. Through our collaborative community you’ll discover a new creative expression and intense personal fulfilment.

You’re able to better maintain work/life balance, reduce social media overwhelm, and share your extensive experience in a sophisticated way.

It’s time to leverage your wisdom with confidence and tell your story to a wider audience.


What if you could write a blog that supported your business, gave you creative freedom and released you from the wheel of social media content creation?

Better still, you could make money from it!

 – No more procrastinating or writer’s block.

 – Write freely, from the heart on a schedule that fits in with your work and life.

 – Embrace the tools and skills required to write articles that connect deeply with your readers, and position you as an expert in your field.

All of that is possible when you understand the blogging best practices and commit to focused blogging.

Hi, I’m Jen Stanbrook and I’ve been creating blog content for over a decade.

My main blog, Love Chic Living is the listed as no.2 in the UK’s Best Interior Décor Blogs (April 2023).

It’s won several awards, made me a high-end 5 figure salary for the last 6 years, and helped take me around Europe on blog tours.

In 10 years, I’ve created over 10 websites on travel, fashion, decor, bikes and business, written over 2k articles and made a living from doing what I love!

Now I want to share what I’ve learned to help your business blog thrive through my brand-new Brilliant Blogging Mastermind.

In 2023 I had some big life issues to deal with. My family needed me so  I closed down a lot of my business.

But I still wrote my blogs, reached 130k monthly readers, and made £50k from it on part-time hours.

Furthermore, I didn’t promote the blog on social media!

Crazy right?

After 10 years of blogging I had pivoted my focus and created my ‘slow blogging‘ approach.

It’s been life changing.

And that’s what I want to give to you.

The ability to create authentic, deep content that your audience, Google and new clients love!

Whilst we’re at it, you’ll have your very own blogging collective. A supportive business blogging community, so you never have to do this alone.

Welcome to the Brilliant Blogging Mastermind!


I originally joined the mastermind to suck as much information out of Jen’s brain as humanly possible! Whatever it is I need to learn – Pinterest, blogging, SEO, she always seems to be more than one step ahead and full of in-depth knowledge. 

I wanted to learn how to better my blog and do better SEO practices. What I actually got was a community of like minded people who had great experiences and stories to share. Every question they had I needed to know the answers to. I learnt so much more than I could have imagined in such a short space of time. 

Each week I was inspired by what the other members had achieved from their learnings and seeing their results proved that by taking Jen’s SEO advice you really could get on page one of Google. Did I mention that? Just a few tweaks and I moved from page 4 to pagefor one of my keywords!  

When I first joined the mastermind I thought I knew quite a bit about SEO. I wasn’t a beginner but there is an ocean between what I knew then and what I know now. I can’t wait to get back into the Membership again. It’s a highlight of my week. I just need more time for blogging now!

Emma Morton-Turner

Founder, Writer, Interior Stylist, Inside Stylists

Brilliant Blogging is an 8-week mastermind program to develop your unique blogging voice, increase your blog’s reach and express your brand through writing. 


Improved Traffic

Whilst I can’t guarantee you’ll achieve 10k views, we’ll be accelerating your skills to ensure you’re on the right track.


Storytelling Expertise

Create well structured articles that flow well and represent your business and branding. Find the joy in writing and telling your story.

Improved SEO skills

Up to date, accessible SEO knowledge and skills to ensure you write Google friendly blog posts to help find new readers.

Abundant Creativity

Overflow with blog ideas as you inspire your creative mind, surrounded by fellow enthusiastic content creators.

Discover your ‘voice’

Learn how to be the expert storyteller of your brand and have the confidence that your blogging voice matters.

Increased Motivation

Commit to the group and experience a surge of blogging energy as you learn to create on pointe articles that speak to your reader.



Weekly zoom learning sessions. These allow for ideas and knowledge sharing, accountability and improving skillsets.


Content Co-Working Sessions

2 live working sessions to help you actually create content, ditch the procrastination and publish your articles.

Facebook Community

A Facebook group for support, questions and getting to know your fellow masterminders.

Creative Accountability

Blog post creation accountability – need help staying on track? We’ll be nudging you every step of the way to ensure you don’t fall off the blogging wagon.

Weekly Blogging PROMPTS

Weekly blogging prompts via email to help with writing inspiration for your next article.

Live Q&A Clinic

Your chance to get your burning questions answered. Bring your specific queries and get a bespoke response.

Jen reminded me of my passion for blogging, helped me recall my business purpose and desires, and laid out stepping stones to find my way back to the desk and forward for the next chapter.

Jen has an uncanny knack for spotting themes in my areas of struggle or concern and isn’t afraid to challenge me on plans and approach. But she does so with such kindness and pragmatism that I’m able to talk frankly without fear of embarrassment and am left feeling confident in how to move forward. Everyone needs a fairy godmother by their side and Jen is most definitely mine!


Digital Publisher, Jolly Festive

Pre covid there were many Blogging conferences where we connected with others, networked, and improved our blogging skills. It was one of the most powerful ways to fast track your blog.

They don’t exist much now, so blog creators find themselves more isolated and alone. It’s hard to know where to turn for help.

A mastermind (this isn’t a coaching program remember) is a way to join a collective with similar goals.

They’re experiencing the same highs and lows, the same problems, they have the same questions and need the answers.

The Brilliant Blogging Mastermind offers you a chance to connect with like minded businesses, creators and publishers to advance your skills, share your experiences and feel less alone.



From speed, to linking, to categories and more, we’ll dive into how you maximise your blog’s audience with a good setup.



You’ll never be scared of SEO again! We’ll break this down into smart, accessible language so you know exactly what to write for Google.

AI and ChatGPT

Learn how to embrace AI and use it effectively to increase productivity and improve your work/life balance.


If your blog posts aren’t optimised well, people won’t read them. We’ll investigate all the practices that create a good user experience.


It’s smart to diversify your traffic streams, so you’ll learn how to use Pinterest to bring a whole new audience to your blog.


Q&A Clinic

A more general catch up session where you get your specific blogging questions answered.


✔️Businesses with a blog or plans to develop one and under 10k monthly readers..

✔️Bloggers/digital publishers who want to consistently increase content and views.

✔️Bloggers and writers who enjoy being in a group of like-minded people for inspiration and motivation.

✔️Those willing to share their experiences, skills, and concerns to help others.

✔️Those wanting to learn how to balance a blog into current marketing and share their stories.


✖️A coaching program. Whilst you’ll learn from me and others there are no big training sessions or courses.

✖️How to set up a blog. There will be minimal technical support or advice. If that’s what you need, this probably isn’t right.

✖️A get rich quick scheme! Blogging takes consistency and long-term commitment to see results. This program is designed to accelerate your skills and get you onto the next step of the ladder.

✖️A place to take away knowledge and give nothing back. BBM is for those who want to support others.

“I was on the Blogging Masterclass last night and found it refreshingly interesting, informative – and lots of fun! Thank you!”

“It was a great session – I came away with so many insights and ways to tweak existing articles (I have orphans galore!!)”


“I just wanted to thank you for the brilliant blogging webinar. It was so useful.”




A simple way to commit to your blogging future.


2 X £99

2 monthly payments taken at the same time each month.







The Brilliant Blogging Mastermind is an 8 week experience with weekly live meetups and a community for skill sharing, learning and support.


5 x Live Learning and Mastermind sessions

2 x Content creation sessions

1 x Live Q&A

Weekly Blogging Prompts

Facebook community of your blogging peers


What others asked before diving into Brilliant Blogging:

Can you teach me how to monetise my blog?

Yes if that’s what you want we can discuss options for creating revenue from a blog. That can include Ads, affiliates, sponsored posts and brand collaborations.

When are the online zoom meetup sessions?

The zoom sessions will be held on Wednesdays at 1pm BST on:

May 10th, 24th

June 7th, 21st

July 5th, 19th

What if I miss one of the online meetups?

If you tell me in advance you can’t make it, the session will be recorded. However, this isn’t a program to ‘catch up on’. You’ll need to be present for the majority of the sessions to gain the most from the interactions and make the advancements you need.

What will I learn from the zoom meetups?

Each session will have a loose theme to get conversations going but the aim of these meetups is to share knowledge, skills, support and enthusiasm for blog creation. Everyone comes with their unique set of skills and experience which we can all gain from.

I’ll also be leading knowedge sharing on topics such as:

SEO Best Practices

Using AI for Blogging

Identifying Blog Worthy Topics

Do I need an existing blog to join?

You don’t need to have an active blog, but you need to have one, or know how to set one up. We won’t be covering any tech aspects of running and maintaining the blog.

I have a lot more traffic than 10k is this still for me?

If you’ve achieved a good traffic volume on your blog and want to elevate your skillset, monetise, and increase your reach, then the Graduate Mastermind will be more suited to you. 

I just want to blog for fun, can I still join?

100%. I’m here for the fun! If you want to improve your blogging skills, be surrounded by others who love to create blog content, and do it all for pleasure then yes, please do join us.

I'm quite an advanced blogger, would this work for me?

We all have different interpretations of terms like beginner and advanced. If you feel more advanced and are happy with your blog views, content and SEO, but want a community and support then reach out and chat to me. We can decide if you’ll get enough from the program to help you. If, however, you’d like to be in a more advanced group, with others who are building on diverse traffic sources, email lists and affiliate income, please take a look at the Graduate Mastermind which runs on Thursdays during the same period.

I’d like to join but don’t like talking on Zoom, is that ok?

Yes, no problem. Whilst some people like to talk others don’t. Everyone is welcome and I’ll make the program as accessible as possible. In this case, you might like to submit points/questions in advance or write in the chat box. If you have other suggestions, please let me know and I’ll accommodate them.

I want to write blogs for my current audience rather than get new readers. Will this work?

Of course. I’ll be helping you find your voice and create authentic storytelling pieces that resonate with your audience and can complement your current marketing.

Do you offer refunds?

If you decide the program isn’t for you, get in touch within 7 days for a full refund. Once we begin, refunds won’t be offered. Contact me to discuss.

Hey, I’m Jen, your Coach.

  • After a Psychology degree and a few years in food retail, I set up my first company – in residential cleaning. I dabbled and experimented.
  • Then came a retrain into corporate IT and a decade of professional services, travel and customer liaison.
  • The second company came in my mid 30s – Baby Signing franchises which led to my first foray in social media.
  • Then came the third business setup, creating and developing one of the UK’s leading Interior blogs, Pinterest marketing consultancy, coaching and mentoring with hundreds of small business.
  • The last 6 years have brought clarity in how I want to serve others, how I believe we all deserve this moment to fulfill our potential, and so I teach systems that really help develop and secure your business.

My goal?

To help you achieve a sustainable, growing online business with an effective marketing plan.

How do I do that?

Through systems, know-how and approachable coaching, and true belief in all of my clients.

My superpower?

The ability to visualise what’s achievable and convey that belief to you!



BBM is a an 8 week collective of business bloggers wanting to create authentic, consistent content that reaches a wider audience.

6 x Zoom Mastermind Sessions (inc Q&A)

2 Content Coworking Sessions

Facebook Group

Weekly Blogging Prompts




PAY MONTHLY: 2 x £99