I’ve been an entrepreneur for 25 years and always felt slightly invincible. However when I reached the 50 milestone I was feeling a little jaded and whilst I feel 50-somethings have much to offer, self doubt was thwarting me. 

Joining Clarity has been brilliant. Clarity has shifted my mindset back to ‘invincible’, has renewed my belief that 25 years experience is worth so much and has brought me new skills and exciting opportunities. Jen and her community of menopausal super heroes have given me a safe place to express myself and the courage and support to press ahead, seizing new opportunities and going for it! 

Jill Heatherington

Founder, The Cycle Hub

You’ve had a successful career but now something is missing. You’ve not achieved your potential and know that you have so much more to offer.

You don’t want the moment to pass you by.


You want to bring together all your skills and expertise to create an exciting new business.

One that you truly love. One that you are proud of, that has impact and even a legacy. One that lights you up and is authentically you.

You want happiness, greater opportunity, more financial reward and independence.

You want a balance and harmony between your work and personal life.

It feels like you’re on the cusp of something incredible and just need help with the digital business world.

You don’t want to be lost, confused or isolated. That’s not you. It’s ok to find help and support. To find your people.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have tried to create a business idea but you’re doubting yourself. 

You tried to build a website but it was harder than you thought.

Instagram seems overwhelming and scary.

You’re not sure what to do first.

You can’t work out how you would find your customers.

You’re worried you will fail.

There are so many other people doing it already – why should you bother?!

What if no one buys ?

You’re savvy, smart and brilliant, so don’t doubt yourself. 

 Be assured, it’s normal to feel confused and stuck at this point

 You are convinced you have an amazing business inside you.

 You just need someone to believe in you and show you the way. 

 To help you step into your moment and be the best you can be. 

Well, you’re in the right place! 


Last night’s masterclass was amazing. When you were speaking so passionately at one point about how we need to value what we do, it brought tears to my eyes. Each day I’m getting more confident and one step further towards my goal. That lightbulb moment happened last night. Thank you so much for everything that you do. I feel so much happier in my life because I am doing something that I love. I now need to get out there and show others what I do.

Hannah Ashton

Founder, HKA Create


I’ve spent my whole life leading up to this moment. Years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience has led me to the last decade of building a thriving online brand.

I learned to be visible, to use social media platforms, the tech, branding, improve confidence and to create a financially success business. I run one of the UK’s leading home interior blogs. I’ve travelled Europe, had a job on live TV and worked with hundreds of top brands.

But I too struggle with self doubt, with fear, with overwhelm. Hormones in my 40s wrecked me  and nearly took it all away. I had to find a way to work through it.

I did, but then the pandemic came. I lost it all again yet have created something more valuable with greater returns and bigger impact.

Now? Now I create communities, build networks and mentor other midlife, creative women to build businesses they love.

Now I am living my best life. I’m creating a legacy for my daughters, I’m giving my family choice and opportunity.

But best of all, I’m doing something I’m vastly proud. And I want more women to do the same.



This is why I created the CLARITY membership.

To help more women step into their moment and achieve the life they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families.

So they can build their confidence, improve self-belief, and talk openly about hormonal struggles, if they need to.

It’s where they find a community of supportive, like-minded creative women, smashing it in the online world.

It’s where YOU can turn your passion project into a thriving digital business.


Where midlfe creative women improve confidence and self-belief through marketing, mindset and menopause know-how.

Before Clarity I felt disconnected and quite alone on a business level. My business had to do a complete turnaround due to covid, as my business was mainly face to face. I had to change to concentrating online. I felt that I was talking to myself (online) and lacked any cohesion or strategy. I just felt stuck.

Being part of Clarity made me feel that I wasn’t alone. That there were other ladies running their businesses feeling the same as me, I feel like I am on a start of a journey with Clarity and we are all there helping and encouraging each other.

Alison Lush

Founder , Alison Lush Jewellery



Grow self belief, eliminate self doubt and stop worrying about failing, in a safe, supported environment.



Don’t be afraid of the tech, social media or the online world. Grow your new skillset without judgement.



Be more intentional with direction, goals and planning to prevent wasting any more time.



Discuss, relate and find out how perimenopause will impact you and your business in a safe, open environment.


Develop your business idea to be viable, profitable and sustainable with support and guidance.


Don’t feel isolated or alone, but be part of a thriving, like-minded community that has your back at every turn.

Before joining Clarity, I felt a little bit lost, and that my opinion didn’t matter. I also felt a bit isolated and that some of my feelings were a bit trivial or silly.

I now have a community of like-minded women who understand my feelings, don’t baulk at me for asking weird questions and have given me the confidence to continue.

My personal growth has been given a dose of encouragement and when I am having an off day with the menopause, I have somewhere to go! This has meant that I feel more supported and am pushing forward with my business goals.

Victoria Welton

Founder , Victoria Welton Brand Photography

What’s Inside CLARITY?




A monthly masterclass on a relevant topic, hosted by me with special expert guests, to help grow and develop your online knowledge and skills.


Community Content Planning

Content Planning sessions once a month so you can plan, save time, and build out your social media strategy wtih ease and focus. 


Ideas Lab

A powerful brainstorming workshop held monthly, enabling members to develop ideas, receive feedback and support and move forward with intention.


Membership Hub

A dedicated space packed full of resources to aid the online business journey, from content planners, to idea generators, ideal client profiles and branding kits. 


Private Community

One of the most crucial aspects of the membership is the dedicated Facebook group where members can connect, network, create commuities and accountability groups for greater growth and ultimate support. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I'm not sure if I'm right for CLARITY as I don't even have a proper business idea yet? Should I join?

Absolutely! CLARITY was created to help women like you. Those who are pivoting their career, turing passions and hobbies into online businesses, even when they are first starting out. All the HUB resources and live coaching are designed to help you get started, make progress and believe in yourself. 

I already have a good business, but I like the idea of this community. Is it right for me?

It’s likely that you’re attracted to the ideas of helping to grow your confidence, knowledge or profit in your current business. And possibly how to cope with perimenopause as a solopreneur. If that’s you, then come on it, we are here to support and welcome you. 

What age do I need to be to join? What is 'midlife'?

We reference ‘midlife’ but there’s no real age limit. Be in your late 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s. Everyone is welcome. We will talk about the impact of perimenopause on our minds and bodies, and how that relates to our businesses so if this doesn’t interest you, Clarity probably isn’t for you. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Make use of the range of classes and sessions available and you’ll see growth in your idea, execution, knowledge and confidence. How much will depend on your starting point, but the membership is designed to support you through your ongoing journey. 

How much time do I have to spend on it each month?

The format is designed to be a ‘dip in and out’ setup with no pressure to attend every session. If you can dedicate 1-2 hours to the membership each week, you’ll get full benefit from all the resources and sessions available to you, and make faster, deeper growth in your online business development. 

What if I can’t make all of the monthly events?

No problem. All of the monthly events are designed to be drop in and out. Use them as you need to. We would recommend attending at least the monthly masterclass as it’s designed to rapidly accelerate your growth. Replays of all sessions are hosted on the Hub. 

How much access will I get to you Jen?

All live sessions are hosted by me and I’m available in the Facebook community several times per week. You’ll also see me doing adhoc lives sharing ideas, behind the scenes and mindset know-how as and when it’s relevant. 

If you want more in depth coaching from me, my Extend 121 private coaching program will be open for new clients in May. Contact me to secure a place. 

Why is Menopause part of this business membership?

Menopause and Perimenopause isn’t generally discussed openly yet has a profound impact on our lives and businesses through our 40s and 50s. It can affect confidence, cognition and physical wellbeing. Having found ways to cope and indeed, excel, during this period, I want other women to be aware of, and understand how to manage it.

In CLARITY you will find an open, non judgmental space to ask questions, share your experiences and find support, alongside running your solo business.

I don’t use Facebook is there another way?

The community is run on Facebook – it’s the easiest and most convenient way. Unfortunately there’s no other platform available for the community element right now. 

Can I leave CLARITY and rejoin later?

You can stop your subscription at any time. Rejoining can only happen at certain times of the year when access is open. The joining rate may be higher and once you leave you cannot access any of the Membership resources.

What is the difference between annual membership and monthly?

Joining on the annual plan means you save 2 months’ fees, plus you make a commitment to yourself and your business to take responsibility for your growth and development over this time period. 

Is there a minimum commitment?

Not at all. Join for a month, stay for a year, the choice is yours. There’s no tie in and you have full control over your account and can unsubscribe at any time. 

What happens once I join?

You’ll receive a welcome email with all the instructions on what to do next. You’ll be given immediate access to the Membership Hub and Facebook community, and we’ll host a welcome party inside the group just for you!

The CLARITY Membership Guarantee

I endeavour to give you the best advice, support and experience inside CLARITY and if at any point you’re not satisfied with what you find once you’ve joined, get in touch in the first 14 days and I’ll give you a refund.

That’s right, you get 14 days to come inside and check it all out, and if you don’t think it’s a good fit for you, just get in touch.

If you want to find a community of like-minded creative women, who understand the struggle of the digital world, we are here. 

You’ll experience greater confidence. 

You’ll feel more excited and inspired than ever before.

You’ll develop that business you always dreamed of, turning your passions and hobbies into thriving money machines to be proud of!

I felt like I was trapped. I really wanted to try to do something with my idea for people who don’t have a voice and I wanted to use my talents and skills that I have developed. I thought that if I just watched enough stuff on videos and looked at what else was out there it would help but it didn’t. It just muddied the waters. I felt like I couldn’t do anything and would start something and then stop. Start something else and then stop. I call it spinning. No control, no direction just very busy staying on the spot.

So far Jen has been a massive help. The community which she has built has been really supportive. There is now a safe space to throw out ideas or emotions and think about what we can do for each other. I don’t feel any sense of judgement and we have all tried to be as honest as we can.

Alison Mitchell

Founder, Super Troupers

I have only been in the Clarity group for a very short period of time and have already gained massive clarity on some business issues I have been going in circles with for ages. The clarity came through receiving feedback, a reflection of what i’ve said and how it’s been received and understood by others. This made me see the gaps in my messaging and positioning.

I love the genuine supportive energy within the group, as being an online entrepreneur can be a lonely endeavour. And I like the diversity of businesses represented. I appreciate the mix of personal interaction through live zoom calls balanced with personal work through, for example, a theme for the week. I am delighted to be here.

Ramona Maillard-Messier

Founder, Moravena Lifestyle


Hi, I’m Jen, and I help midlife creative women develop successful online businesses so they become focused, confident and visible in the digital world. 

Now in my 50s I’ve spent the last decade in the online world, navigating a fast changing landscape, building a thriving online business as the face of my brand, Love Chic Living.

I’m also a mum to two teenagers, have an addiction to skincare products and love a good chat with friends over a bacardi and diet coke. 

Perimenopause nearly broke me, so I understand self doubt, imposter syndrome and the fear of failing. I’ve learned to how to navigate it.

With a Psychology degree, 3 different businesses, a decade in corporate IT and a working life dedicated to helping other women, now is MY time to help you.

Together we will help you navigate digital marketing, social media, planning content and being bolder and braver.

I’ve never been more passionate about helping other women create thriving businesses, fulfill their dreams and step into the best versions of themselves. 

Jen x

 Let’s summarise what’s on offer:

Access to the CLARITY membership for support and growth in your confidence, self-belief and digital business.

Coaching and knowledge in the vital areas of the online world that have the biggest impact on business growth.

A membership hub to access essential resources and session replays.

A Facebook group for accountability, community and networking.






I have learned so much from just seeing and listening to you Jen. Your talks are empowering, and tips you give us open my eyes, so yes you push us to get further. You give us the inspiration and knowledge to keep moving.

I do find myself moving slowly, but Clarity has helped me to stay focused, developing myself…going the extra mile. It’s so much fun to run a marathon with a bunch of amazing women – I feel we are all training for big days to come!

Gabriela Vergara

Founder, Gabriela Vergara Jewellery

What are you waiting for?

Create the confidence, self belief and skills to create your dream online business.

Step into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Do it with the CLARITY membership, support and community today!