May 2020

Introduction to the Pinning Club, the Pinning Path and best practices for Pinterest marketing.


  • How to design service based business pins Do quotes make good pins?
  • How to find pins for the 20% of your strategy and whether Tailwind is necessary for an effective pinning strategy.

June 2020

Changes that are happening within Pinterest, updates on traffic and trends.


  • How to use the Smartloop feature within Tailwind
  • Identifying and responding to seasonal changes
  • How to use video pins

July 2020

Pin Design and actions to take in the Pinning Path


  • Specific tasks to complete to make progress
  • How to use lead magnets.
  • Links in pins and website structure

 July 2020

This was the first foundation coaching call where we covered all the basics, strategies and essentials.

August 2020

 Pinterest Statistics and how to use Pinterest Analytics as well as Google Analytics.


  • How to use Canva.
  • Whether to delete pins.
  • Boards and the kind of metrics to look for in successful pins

september 2020

Keywords and Search looking in detail at identifying and researching keywords through the search function and in the new Trends section.

September 2020

Foundation coaching recapped all the essentials of the latest Pinning Strategy


  • Best use of descriptions, hashtags, keywords, boards, pin design and messaging.

october 2020

Focus on the theme of boards.


  • Creating lead magnets to capture your audience,
  • Best use of Tailwind
  • Lost reach on pins


Planning for events, seasons and trends throughout the Pinterest calendar.

We also discussed a new approach to strategy to minimise board shares.


Updated strategy and the importance of pin templates

Revisited pin design and ensuring pins reach and inspired your ideal client.

New metrics and how to find the key elements.

MARCH 2021

Focus on Story Pins and the recent group challenge.


  • Best practice around Story Pins
  • Story Pin metrics
  • How to add a pin button
  • Tailwind time slots

APRIL 2021

A focus on identifying your ideal client pinner and ensuring your pins have the right messaging to encourage traffic and clicks.


  • Confirmation on current strategy
  • How to opt out of Product Tagging 

MAY 2021

Live presentation and Q&A with Kevin Lorenz from Tailwind.

Contains stats and strategy on the best way to pin over the coming months. A must watch!

JUNE 2021

Included detailed coaching on Tailwind Smartloop

Plus updates on Strategy, Statistics, Content Claiming Portal and Idea Pins

JULY 2021


A short coaching moment to help you gain perspective and momentum

Lead Magnet Pins, Account Closures and how to get re-started with Pinterest

SEPT 2021

Reignite your pinning mojo after the summer break

Strategy, Idea Pins and focus for recharging your Pinterest account


Let’s take a deep dive into Pin Descriptions.

Focus on creating effective descriptions and the introduction of the Jarvis copywriting tool. 


Take control of Tailwind and save time with your pinning.

In this session we covered all the key aspects of using Tailwind to schedule, manage and monitor your pins. 


Check out the Trends for 2022 and how to apply them to your niche. 

PLUS, we run through the Pin Club Awards 2022 AND have some fun with the End of Year Quiz!

JAN 2022

Create a better planning system to fast track your pinning

Use the new Pin Club Trello Planner to plan and track your pins.

Discussion on what’s working now, trends and seasonal topics. 

FEB 2022

Ideas for repurposing your content, pins and blog posts

How to turn off shopping recommendations

Clarity on strategy for Idea Pins

MARCH 2022

Using Tailwind effectively in both old and new versions.

Visual walk through of creation-pinning process using Tailwind.

Questions on Stats and Google Dashboard

APRIL 2022

A walk through of the latest path of tasks to ensure effective pinning. 

From setup, to board creation, strategy and managing stats, all the tasks to do and in what order. 

MAY 2022

Theme: Pins

Best practices for all types of pins

Idea Pin run through

Announcement of new Pin Templates

JUNE 2022

Theme: Keywords

How to find and use keywords for your brand

4 ways to identify keywords

New Pinterest features

JULY 2022

Theme: Email Conversions

How to convert pinners onto your email list

Lead magnet ideas

Idea Pin Links