May 2020

The Group Coaching call in May focused on an introduction to the Pinning Club, the Pinning Path and recapped on the best practices for Pinterest marketing.

Questions included how to design service based business pins, whether quotes make good pins, how to find pins for the 20% of your strategy and whether Tailwind is necessary for an effective pinning strategy.

June 2020

June’s group coaching focused on changes that are happening within Pinterest, updates on traffic and trends.

Questions included using the Smartloop feature within Tailwind, identifying and responding to seasonal changes and how to use video pins 

July 2020

July’s group coaching focused on Pin Design and reminders of actions to take in the Pinning Path

Questions focused on specific tasks to complete to make progress and lead magnets, links in pins and website structure

Foundation Coaching July 2020

This was the first foundation coaching call where we covered all the basics, strategies and essentials. 

August 2020

August’s group coaching focused on Pinterest Statistics with teaching on how to use Pinterest Analytics as well as Google Analytics.

Questions focused on using Canva, deleting pins and boards and the kind of metrics to look for in successful pins

september 2020

September’s coaching focused on the monthly them of Keywords and Search looking in detail at identifying and researching keywords through the search function and in the new Trends section.

September 2020

September’s Foundation coaching recapped all the essentials of the latest Pinning Strategy

Questions focused on descriptions, hastags, keywords, boards, pin design and messaging.

october 2020

October’s Coaching focused on the theme for this month, boards.

Questions focused on creating lead magnets to capture your audience, Tailwind and lost reach on pins


January’s coaching focused on planning for events, seasons and trends throughout the Pinterest calendar.

We also discussed a new approach to strategy to minimise board shares.


In February’s live coaching we focused on the updated strategy and the importance of pin templates

We also revisited pin design and ensuring pins reach and inspired your ideal client. 

As well as looking at the new metrics and how to find the key elements.