BRILLIANT BLOGGING – a foundation group for new or developing bloggers growing to 10k monthly readers.

GRADUATE BLOGGING – an advanced group for experienced bloggers wanting greater profit. 

Hi, I’m Jen Stanbrook and I’ve been creating blog content for over a decade.

My main blog, Love Chic Living is the listed as no.2 in the UK’s Best Interior Décor Blogs (April 2023).

It’s won several awards, made me a high-end 5 figure salary for the last 6 years, and helped take me around Europe on blog tours.

In 10 years, I’ve created over 10 websites on travel, fashion, decor, bikes and business, written over 2k articles and made a living from doing what I love!

I can’t wait to see you in one of my Mastermind groups to help you take your blog where you want it to go.

Jen reminded me of my passion for blogging, helped me recall my business purpose and desires, and laid out stepping stones to find my way back to the desk and forward for the next chapter.

Jen has an uncanny knack for spotting themes in my areas of struggle or concern and isn’t afraid to challenge me on plans and approach. But she does so with such kindness and pragmatism that I’m able to talk frankly without fear of embarrassment and am left feeling confident in how to move forward. Everyone needs a fairy godmother by their side and Jen is most definitely mine!


Digital Publisher, Jolly Festive