A comprehensive training to build skills, confidence and purpose in using Pinterest for your small business. 

Become a pinning pro in just 4 weeks with ease, simplicity and real intention. 

Go from struggling to strategic. Get the RIGHT eyes on your website and find your perfect audience who love all of your content, buy all of your products and keep coming back for more. Isn’t that the dream?

What previous PINNING MADE SIMPLE students say:

I found it really inspiring and easy to follow. Although I had been Pinning for personal use since pretty much the beginning of Pinterest I’d been doing it quite haphazardly and with no real purpose. It’s great to have confidence in a proven strategy, rather than just pinning as and when I feel like it.

Becky Pink

Pinks Charming

Pinterest gives me huge peace of mind, knowing that it is consistently working for me in the background – driving traffic to the blog, website and YouTube – whilst I get on with the ‘nitty gritty’ of running a handmade business. It allows me to focus on growing the business instead of spending precious time on social media, for little reward. Average monthly views for the year are around 16,000!


Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts

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NOW IS THE TIME.  Keep your online business secure with a steady flow of  website visitors that grows whilst you sleep.


Let’s assess what’s happening. You’re running your website, whether for your business, blog or both, yet you just can’t get it seen by enough people. You know that your content, the services and products you sell are perfect for your audience, but you just can’t seem to reach enough them.

Right now you just need CONSISTENT TRAFFIC in abundance. You need to make more sales, you need to secure your business and your future. You want validation that your business can succeed. 

You’ve tried all the usual tricks.

  • SEO is time consuming and slow.
  • Instagram eats up all your time and it doesn’t bring you any traffic. Organic growth is non-existent. 
  • Social media is exhausting and noisy; it’s so hard to get noticed. 

You’ve heard lots of other people talking about how Pinterest has changed their business. You know you need to give it a try.


It looks incredibly complicated and complex. 

You don’t know if the return will be worth it for your business. 

You’ve dabbled before and never really got it to work properly. 

You feel you’re missing out. You’re worried your competition is leaving you behind. 

No matter how much information you have, mastering Pinterest still feels elusive and you now think you have to give it one last shot. 


It’s time for the procrastination to stop. 

It’s time to get started and finally, master Pinterest for your business in 2021. 



Well, let me reassure you; you’re in safe hands with me. 

I know how frustrating this is because I’ve been there too.

NOW, I run the UK’s 2nd top home interiors blog, but 8 years ago it was lost in a sea of others. Then along came Instagram and the competition became even more fierce.

I couldn’t stand out from the crowd; I needed a bigger audience.

Furthermore, my husband lost his job, my daughters were young and we had very little income. I had to support my family both emotionally and financially.

So I taught myself how to use Pinterest to draw hundreds and thousands of new people to my website every month.

I worked at it, made HUGE mistakes (yes I was sued for copyright infringement) and then finally things came good. I have between 50k and 100k new website visitors from Pinterest EVERY MONTH.


Why are so many amazing female business owners not able to make Pinterest work for their business?

You want more freedom, more choice and more flexibility in your business and you feel now is the time to invest in yourself.

You know that Pinterest is an essential element of how you need to grow your business, but you’ve not yet seen its powerful results.




A comprehensive, easy to digest training programme helping you incorporate a successful Pinterest plan into your current business marketing.

You’ll save time, learn fast and see results within 4 weeks! Who could ask for more. 

What you can expect:

The 4 week Pinning Made Simple course is designed for creative small business owners to master the skills required to bring CONSISTENT traffic from Pinterest to their websites.

Through a structured, yet flexible approach, you’ll be led through all the essential aspects of using Pinterest for your business and reaching your new audience. If you’ve dabbled with pinning and not found how to get consistent traffic or even if you’re yet to start,  Pinning Made Simple is here to help you!

Becky from Pinks Charming talks about why she chose Pinterest over Instagram.

Natalia Wilmott from My Billet Doux and nataliawilmott.co.uk discusses how Pinning Made Simple has benefitted her business.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What happens after I've bought a place?

You’ll receive a welcome email with all the instructions on what to do next. The first live lesson is on Monday January 25th at 8pm GMT

Does it matter if I don't have a website yet?

You will get most benefit from having a website, or if your website is planned to be live in the next few months. You cannot pin from Instagram or Facebook, however the course is still applicable if you sell on Etsy.

How much time to do I need each week for the course?

You’ll need 90 minutes to either attend the live session or watch the replay, and then an hour per week to do the takeaway task. The course is just the beginning and afterwards it’s up to you how much time you devote to using Pinterest.

Will Promoted Pins / Ads be included in the course?

The course content focuses on how to use Pinterest for organic pinning not how to set up and use promoted pins. I recommend understanding how to be successful at organic pinning first. 

Does it matter if I can't attend all the live lessons?

Not at all. Every session will be recorded and available for you to watch afterwards, or catch up with later. 

What is the Facebook Group for? Do I need to be a member?

The Facebook group offers support and extra training as the course evolves. You will have the opportunity to post your takeaway tasks in the group after each Monday lesson, get feedback and support. Jen will also be in the group regularly, with extra live trainings and ongoing support. 

How long is each training lesson?

Each lesson will run for 90 minutes and include a 60 minute training plus a 30 minute Q&A. Sessions start at 8pm GMT on Monday evenings from 25th January

Can I get a refund if it's not for me?

If would like to discuss a refund please get in touch. They are offered if you can show you have done the work and attended the training. 

I've attended Pinning Made Simple before, can I do it again?

Yes! In fact all Pinning Made Simple students from 2020 have been given free access to the course in January 2021. You should have received an email with how to enrol. Get in touch if you don’t have it. 

It was nice as people were asking questions that I hadn’t thought of but I should have, which was a real help, plus it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in being confused by a few things. And I have got some insane figures! I’m over the moon!!!!

Theresa Haskins

Protek Wood Stain

Holly Wood, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Founder has used Pinterest to increase her email list

From one pin she saw over 400 signs ups to her list

And has had continued growth in her Pinterest account since working in the Pinning Club




 Making a Plan

We’ll identify the right way to pin for maximum traffic, how many times you need to save pins per day/week, plus how you’ll fit this into your existing schedule.


Pin to Purchase

Ensuring you reach the right Pinterest pinners with your pins, and then optimising your website to maximise sales is a key component of the programme. 

Creating Boards

Building the correct profile of Pinterest boards is a key element of your pinning plan, and we’ll work together to create the most effective boards for your brand.

Metrics and Statistics

The key to a successful, long-term pinning strategy is the ability to read your statistics correctly, so we’ll understand which metrics mean the most and how to use them. 

Making Pins

There’s so much more to a successful pin than a pretty picture and this section allows us to understand the elements of pin making, good design and branding.

Essential Tools

There are some tools which make your Pinterest strategy easier and more sustainable, so we’ll learn what which are most beneficial in the world of successful pinning. 

Vicky from vevivos.com talks about the impact Pinning Made Simple had on her traffic

Mandi, mum of 6 and owner of Big Family Organised Chaos, discusses how she found the time to fit in Pinning Made Simple

Jen is incredibly patient and helpful with a huge wealth of commercial and strategic Pinterest knowledge. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to successfully grow their business through Pinterest and become a master Pinterest Pinner! 

Kerry Coleman

What You Need to Know: 

Pinning Made Simple is a 4 week programme taught live online by Pinterest Marketing Strategist Jen Stanbrook. 

Each live session is supported by ongoing training in the private Facebook Group. 

Every session lasts 90 minutes, with 60 minutes of training and a 30 minute Q&A. Recordings are available to watch for those that miss the live session. 

Content is taught in a logical, easy to follow way. Progress is fast, tasks will be set. You’ll need 2 hours per week to work through the lesson and homework.


Monday 25th January 8PM-9.30PM GMT

Monday 1st February

Monday 8th February 

Monday 15th February

All sessions will be conducted on Zoom with the chance to ask questions live in the 30 minute Q&A

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Who’s It For?

If you have a website and want to reach a BIGGER audience through Pinterest,  you’re in the right place. You’re committed to putting in some effort to make Pinterest a success for you in the coming months and years.

You’re a business owner, big or small and haven’t yet mastered the SKILLS required to use Pinterest on a regular and successful basis. You know it could be good for your online business RIGHT NOW.

You’ve been using Pinterest for a while but still aren’t sure you’ve got it right. Your reach is pretty good but you’re not seeing CONSISTENT TRAFFIC from your efforts.

You’re a blogger who has NEVER mastered the huge success that others talk about with Pinterest. You want to build your views to get Mediavine ads on your site to build your passive income at this time. 

Maybe you manage social media accounts for a client and want to start OFFERING Pinterest as a new service.

You can be a complete NOVICE or someone who wants to refresh their knowledge.

Whatever your background, you will be passionate and committed to making Pinterest a huge success for you RIGHT NOW!

Overall Jen, I think you’re fab! You have a really lovely way about you, you’re a good teacher and a good listener and I feel you’d always try to give me the right and best answer, which is really important.

Holly Wood, Entrepreneur, Founder of Flourish

Who is Jen?

Jen Stanbrook is one of the UK’s most experienced and leading Pinterest Marketing coaches, having taught hundreds of businesses to master Pinterest. The founder of The Pinning Club, an online membership supporting savvy entrepreneurs with their pinning, she is passionate about helping more small business owners understand that Pinterest is an essential part of their marketing plan and isn’t as tricky as they think!

She began pinning back in 2012, has over 1 million Pinterest followers, and secures tens of thousands of monthly visitors to her own website just from Pinterest. Without any ads.

Through her energy, enthusiasm and nurturing approach, she has helped hundreds of businesses achieve greater visibility and revenue through the untapped power of Pinterest.

How can Pinterest make a difference in your life?

Build your confidence, focus and financial freedom with a bigger, more engaged audience who love you and what you sell.

Stand out from the crowd.

Add Pinterest to your marketing toolkit with Pinning Made Simple!

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