The Pin Pro Pinterest Marketing Kit is for bloggers and brands who want to use Pinterest to grow their website traffic and secure their blog revenue.

We all know we need to diversify our blog traffic and everyone is trying Pinterest. Not many know how to use it properly, so here’s your chance to cut through the noise and choose a strategy that WORKS.

With over a decade of Pinterest Marketing experience, you’ll benefit from years of my experimenting to find what really works for your blog and business.

Pin Pro is a comprehensive written guide with self-study training to ensure you harness the power of Pinterest Marketing in 2024.


With recent Google algorithm changes, bloggers and businesses need alternative traffic sources to grow their blogs and secure their revenue.

Pinterest has been overlooked for TOO LONG!

But let’s be real. It’s f%*&ing confusing!

You’ve no idea how to get started or how you get traffic from it, and everyone says something different.

I get it.

You keep procrastinating and messing around with it, but not getting anywhere.



❔You’ve no idea how many pins to save each day.

❔You don’t really like the pins with text on them.

❔How do you even make successful pins?

❔What kind of boards do you need?

❔How do you maximise your blog traffic with the best approach?

❔You feel it’s going to suck the time out of your day and you’ve no more to spare.

✔️So, you’re overwhelmed before you begin.

The thing is, it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

I’ve been using Pinterest since the early days and have tried ALLLLLL the tricks.

I’ve tested all the theories, tried all the strategies and made a LOT of pins. [27k to be precise].

And I’ve found the perfect way to maximise your return for minimum effort.

How does 1 hour a week sound?

You could even do it in front of the TV in your pyjamas! Cool right?!

All you need is the correct info, a plan that works, and a guide you can follow. 

Well guess what? That’s exactly what Pin Pro is!

The last few months of using Pinterest in The Pinning Club has given me much more focus. I was feeling pretty disheartened with blogging however now seeing the impresssions and clicks rising, its making me feel that people do actually want to read what I have to say, and has given me a new found confidence in my ability to help other parents struggling with certain aspects of childcare. So much that I pitched to a major childcare website to become a regular contributor. The fact I was willing to put myself out there, is something completely new for me, and I attribute it entirely to this pinterest community




Pinterest Marketing Know-How

The right Pinterest strategy that cuts through the cr*p and tells you EXACTLY what to do, step-by-step. It’s comprehensive but has all the time shortcuts so you don’t have to spend any longer than necessary on this part or your marketing.

The Nitty Gritty

If you know me, you’ll know how much I like a system to follow. That’s what Pin Pro gives you, a no-nonsense set of clear instructions on EVERY aspect of Pinterest Marketing that matters.

The Quiet Marketing Plan

Social media noise can get too much, even though we need it. It can drain our energy and we’re often looking for an alternative. With Pinterest you’ll find a platform that’s quiet, calm and doesn’t sap the life out of you. You’re going to be surprised.

Cut the Confusion

Having taught hundreds of bloggers and businesses Pinterest Marketing, I’ve thought of your questions before you have. They’re all answered in this training. You’ll never be confused about Pinterest again.

Less Time, More Growth

If you’ve spent hours making pins, scheduling them and still not getting the traffic you need, we’re going to change all that. If you’ve hunted the internet for a Pinterest plan and are still confused, we’ve got you. Spend less time, grow more.

A New String to your Bow

Learn something new and feel good about yourself. Most* people come away loving the strategy and feel inspired and excited to put it into practice.

*Not scientifically proven, just my observation. 😀

Pin Pro is a flexible experience of learning to help you master Pinterest Marketing whatever your stage of the journey.

It’s simple to learn from, easy to apply, and works for bloggers, brands and service businesses. Just choose from the different packs for the one that suits you.

My hour with Jen was just what I needed. I’ve used Pinterest before but have lapsed in the last few years – Jen gave me a brilliant refresher and updates on what’s working right now on the platform and how I can start using it again for my blog and business to drive traffic and sign ups. I feel totally equipped to implement the strategy she gave me, I’m really looking forward to seeing the results over the next year!

Vicki Shilling

Wellness Business Mentor and Coach, vickyshilling.com


✔️Anyone with a blog who wants to use Pinterest for extra traffic.

✔️Complete novices through to experienced pinners who need a refresh.

✔️Service and product based businesses.

✔️Anyone who’s confused about using Pinterest for marketing.

✔️Ideal even if you don’t use Pinterest for personal use.


✔️ You aren’t prepared to learn the approach and put it into practice.

✔️You don’t have a blog. It works best with blogs rather than just websites.

✔️You’re happy with the traffic streams you already have and don’t need to diversify.

✔️You don’t have a few hours to implement the setup and an hour each week to pin.

Pinterest gives me huge peace of mind, knowing that it is consistently working for me in the background – driving traffic to the blog, website and YouTube – whilst I get on with the ‘nitty gritty’ of running a handmade business. It allows me to focus on growing the business instead of spending precious time on social media, for little reward. Average monthly views for the year are around 16,000!


Founder, Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts


There are 3 different packs to choose from. All are suitable for any level of experience, but include different elements to suit as many people as possible. 


A fully comprehensive, downloadable guide on Pinterest Marketing Strategies 2024 with full details on how to use Pinterest for your blog and brand.


You’ll received the Pinterest Marketing Guide and 60 minutes of self study video training to ensure you have the full spectrum of relevant Pinterest knowledge..


As well as everything included in Pin Pro Plus, you’ll recieve a bespoke account analysis and new strategy plan, delivered via video within 4 weeks for you to keep.

Select the Pack that suits you best. If the comprehensive Guide is good to get you started go for Essentials. If you’d like some visual training, go for Plus, and if you want a 1-1 element and review of your account, go for VIP.

Having a Pinterest session with Jen gave me a valuable opportunity to reassess things and move forward with clarity and purpose. Time is precious so I’m so grateful that Jen has enabled me to use it to the best advantage! I’m excited to see what will come from it. 

Laura Clark

Menopause Dietitian and Nutritionist , The Menopause Dietitian

  Hi, I’m Jen Stanbrook and I’ve been using Pinterest Marketing for a decade.

I was a Pinterest early adopter in the UK and have found hundreds of thousands of new blog readers via the platform  in the last decade.

I have over 1 million followers, made £25k from Pinterest alone last year, and taught hundreds of bloggers and businesses how to use it as a marketing tool.

Pre Covid I created Pinning Made Simple training, and founded The Pinning Club Membership through the pandemic years.

Now I want to share my Pinterest marketing knowledge in a fresh, exciting format, designed to bring you maximum results with the least effort.



  • The 40+ Page Pinterest Marketing PDF Guide with full step-by-step instructions on setting up, running and analysing your Pinterest Strategy.
  • 1 x Guide Update in 2024, released automatically.
  • Immediate download on release date.


  • The full Pinterest Marketing PDF Guide and 1 annual update.
  • 60 mins bite-sized self-study video training on setup, pin design, strategy and statistical analysis.


  • Everything as per Pin Pro Plus including the Guide, and self study video Training.
  • PLUS 1-1 bespoke account analysis and strategy plan delivered via video feedback within 4 weeks.
  • Complete the proforma and receive my advice on board creation, feedback on pin design, and a bespoke Pinterest strategy just for you.

What others asked before diving into Pin Pro:

What kind of traffic can I expect to get to my blog with this strategy?

Look, I’m going to be honest, it’s going to take 3-6 months to see some decent results so stay committed and consistent in that time. The traffic you get will depend on your niche, and if you’ve applied all the techniques. You could get a few hundred a month, or maybe tens of thousands. If you have a tiny, more specific niche expect less traffic. I get between 50k and 150k a month but I’ve years of pins on the platform and a strong presence. Be patient. Be consistent. The traffic will come. 

If I pre-order a pack, when will I receive it?

All of the packs will be released on Monday April 22nd and you’ll be notified by email. 

Pin Pro Essentials: You’ll be sent a link to download your Guide.

Pin Pro Plus: You’ll get the Guide, and the self-study videos. Plus you’ll be invited to join the 3 day support group beginning on Tuesday 30th April-Thursday 2nd May. Each day in the group you can ask questions, share your pins, and ask for advice. 

Pin Pro VIP: You’ll get all the Pin Pro Plus features as well as a bespoke analysis of your account and a strategy plan. You’ll be asked to complete a proforma and I’ll deliver your video answer within 4 weeks. 

Is this suitable for beginners?

YES! Even if you’ve never used Pinterest before you can use the Guide and the Training videos to help you get started. Some of the information might seem a bit complex and won’t make sense until you’ve implemented the first parts of the plan. The more you use Pinterest, the more you can dip into the Guide and Training to help you advance your knowledge.

I used to use Pinterest so have a fair idea what I'm doing, is this still applicable?

So you’ll have a lot of knowledge around the setup. But Pinterest marketing strategies have changed a lot in the last year (well hello, and thank you Pinterest!) so there’s a lot of new information inside the Guide and Training. You might find the bespoke analysis a good opportunity to have fresh eyes on your account, so you can update it and get a new pinning plan relevant to Pinterest this year.

Is this only for blogs?

If you don’t have a blog, much of what I teach is transferrable to a website and website pages, but you might not be able to achieve the amount of pins necessary, or get the most traffic. If you plan to add a blog to your website in the next few months, then choose a Pack that you feel helps you achieve the best outcome.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital product, we won’t be offering any refunds once it’s been released. If you pre-order a Pack and then change your mind within 7 days (before the pack is released), contact us to discuss. 


Pin Pro is an up to date Guide and Training to help bloggers use Pinterest as a marketing tool to increase blog traffic.

Created by an experienced Pinterest Strategist with 1 million followers.

3 Levels of Pack to suit your budget and training needs.

Choose your pack depending on the level of training you need at this point. 

All packs are suitable for Novice through to more Experienced Pinterest Marketers.




Includes the comprehensive Pinterest Marketing Strategy Guide 2024 with immediate download.

1 x Guide and Strategy Update



Pinterest Marketing Guide 2024 and 1 x Update

60 Mins Self-study Training Videos



Pinterest Marketing Guide 2024 and 1 x Update

90 Mins Pinterest Training Videos

Bespoke Video Account and Strategy Analysis