Powerful pinning for brands and blogs

Learn how to use Pinterest effectively to grow traffic, sales and customers!

Do you wonder how some bloggers and business owners get incredible traffic from Pinterest and if you could achieve the same thing? 

Do other bloggers and businesses talk about how Pinterest is their biggest referral source and you can’t understand how they have made it work?  

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking on one more social media site and learning how to master it, never mind using it long term? 

Would you like to be shown exactly what to do to make Pinterest work for you? 

PINSIGHT is an online programme designed to help you get the most from Pinterest in the shortest amount of time. Aimed at bloggers, brands, entrepreneurs, small businesses, social media managers and more, the course is designed to give you the pinning skills necessary to multiply your Pinterest traffic, with a long-term strategy you can manage easily.

Moving through 4 modules, you will master all the major pinning skills from a clean profile setup, to creating beautiful pins, developing boards and content, through to advanced Pinterest features.

You will work in a supportive community environment, have ongoing access to pinning experience and lifetime access to the course. 

All of your Pinterest issues are addressed so you start to see real results quickly. No question is too silly, no problem too small. 

The results were pretty rapid, I think if you do as instructed it's a bit of a no brainer. My main focus for online marketing has shifted away from Twitter and Instagram to Pinterest. In 2016 we saw a 70% increase in sales and about half of this was from Pinterest. Aaron, Owner, The Gifted Few

Who am I?

I'm Jen Stanbrook, a design and interiors blogger, and a Pinterest coach. My multi-award winning blog Love Chic Living is a top UK Home and Design site and I've been using Pinterest to promote it for over 4 years. 

I discovered Pinterest back in January 2013 as a way to promote my blog and in a month I had taken my blog traffic from around 5k views to over 20k. In just one month! 

I've learned to adapt to Pinterest changes and develop a pinning system that's manageable yet still gets results. Mastering Pinterest has changed my life, built my audience and grown my business ten times over.  

In the last 2 years I've had over a million hits to my blog from Pinterest alone.

I coach businesses and bloggers how to harness the power of Pinterest to drive more traffic to their websites, helping to increase sales, customers and subscribers.  

In just 3 months, my Pinterest following increased by 60% and I went from an average 200k Pinterest montly views to over 500k. Jenny, Seasons In Colour

Jen helped me pinpoint the things I'd overlooked, within a year I’ve grown my traffic by over 462%! Kimberly,


Powerful Pinning for Brands and Blogs

With PINSIGHT I will coach you through the key aspects of using Pinterest, specifically to grow your traffic and increase your viewers from the platform. As a result, subscribers, customers and sales will increase. 

You will learn how you can build a manageable Pinterest strategy that gets the best results with the least effort, and understand how pinning will bring you evergreen traffic that contintues to grow. 

Delivery is accessible and supportive, with easy to follow, logical steps. No jargon, no messing , no over the top promises. 

I love the way that Jen is down to earth and genuinely wants her students to achieve the success that she has. After working through the course and signing up to Tailwind my repins have grown to over 5000 per week and continue to grow. Pinterest is by far and away the biggest referrer to my blog. Samantha, Interior Decorator

Learn how Pinterest can be your number 1 referrer of traffic, driving masses of new viewers to your website or blog. 

Develop an in-depth understanding of the Pinterest algorithm and how you should be pinning to make the most from it. 

Build an effective pinning strategy into your current routine with just 1-2 hours of effort per week. 

See a huge growth in viewers and subscribers, building sales and increasing your customer base. 

What's Included?

PINSIGHT consists of 4 separate lessons released to you over a 4 week period. 

Each lesson contains an introductory video, a set of recorded slides, plus multiple tutorial videos, showing you exactly how to perform each task. 

 In each tutorial I’ll walk you through the steps I’ve taken to build my profile, boards, branding and strategy so you won’t be in any doubt about what you need to do.  

Each lesson is finished with an assigment to help keep you focused and on task.

PLUS the course comes with it's own comprehensive workbook containing checklists, notes on branding, Pinterest wordlist and much more. 

 Entry into the PINSIGHT Facebook Community with other like-minded students, all working through the course together, supporting and cheering you on.  

And of course, I'm with you too, offering support and guidance, answering your queries and helping achieve great success.  

What do we cover?

Lesson 1: Profile Preening 

  • Understanding the SMART Feed 
  • Setting up your profile 
  • Mastering Rich Pins 
  • The best username vs profilename


How to set up Rich Pins || Converting to a Business Account || Verifying your Website || Creating the best Profile Names 

Lesson 2: Boards and Branding 

  • Boards to showcase your brand 
  • Optimise boards for better search results 
  • How to use Group Boards  


Adding the Showcase & Board covers || Group Boards || Managng Boards & Housekeeping

Lesson 3: Powerful Pins 

  • How to make a great pin 
  • Apps for making pinnable images 
  • Pin descriptions and SEO 
  • Where and how often to pin


Making a Template with Canva || How to Choose Keywords || How to Add Pins || Writing the Perfect Description

Lesson 4: Perfect Pinning 

  • Building an on-brand pinning strategy 
  • Using Schedulers to minimise time 
  • Promoted Pins / Pinterest features


Getting Started with Tailwind || Advanced Tailwind & Tribes || Google Analytics for Pinterest || How to turn Pins into Sales and Subscribers 

Who's it for? 

Bloggers, small businesses and entrepreneurs will all benefit from the programme. Furthermore social media managers and digital agencies can also use the content to further their knowledge to advise and support their clients. 

 I took the Pinsight course on behalf of the small business I work for and it's certainly made some real impact 3 months on. We never took Pinterest seriously until doing Jen's course, and ever since we've seen traffic increase by 50% in a very short amount of time. Really pleased with the return we're getting! Fiona, Blogger, Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is the course delivered? 

You will be sent a link to a course hub, where you’ll have access to all of the videos, tutorials and workbook. Each lesson is released one week after the previous until all 4 are available. You then have lifetime access to all the content. 

Do I have to do it all in a certain timeframe? 

Not at all. You can do it as quickly or as slowly as you like, just follow one lesson after the other for maximum success. 

Does the course ever get updated? 

Yes! As new information becomes available or if and when Pinterest changes, I’ll add extra and updated information to the course. 

Couldn’t I just get this information for free elsewhere? 

Well yes you could. I won’t lie about it, all of this information is probably out there somewhere, if you can find it. But what you won’t have is the benefit of my expertise and knowledge, following a plan that really works, and information that is up to date and correct.  

What if I have questions or problems with the tasks? 

Don’t be shy. Bring any queries you have over in the PINSIGHT Facebook group where other course students and I will be only too happy to help you. And if you want to show off your successes in there too, we can’t wait to see them. 


BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE: Harness the power of Pinterest to grow your readers, sales and email list

PINNING STRATEGY: Develop a pinning strategy that takes only 1-2 hours or your time per week.  

GROW YOUR TRAFFIC: Learn a long term strategy that sees a huge increase in traffic to your website or blog. 

MASTER PINNING TOOLS: Become a pinning pro with these tools and features that make Pinterest easy! 



COMPLETE PINSIGHT PROGRAM: Access to the full course program and all modules as described

BONUSES: All of the current bonus offers as listed above

PERSONAL 1-1 SKYPE SESSION: Enjoy a 1 hour Skype session with me, tailored to your specific Pinterest needs and learning. Date and time arranged after purchase. Available 9AM-9PM UK Time