Pinterest Setup & Strategy Masterclass Replays

Learn how to setup your Pinterest profile correctly and develop an up to date pinning strategy from 2 recent masterclass recordings. 

Recording 1: Pinterest for Beginners Masterclass

Recording 2: Pinterest Strategy

PLUS The Pinterest Pinning Pro Cheat Sheet – a quick guide and recall sheet detailing all the key factors of your Pinning  Setup & Strategy

Perfect for businesses and bloggers who want to master Pinterest as a marketing tool for their website or blog.


If you want to make Pinterest part of your promotional activities but don’t know how to use it properly these recent masterclasses will teach you everything you need to know to make it a success.

Recorded live in 2 x 1 hour training sessions, run by me Jen Stanbrook, your Pinterest coach and mentor.

Do you want to:

  • Bring lots of new visitors to your website who are keen to buy your products and services?
  • Understand Pinterest once and for all, taking your skills from beginner to advanced in just 2 hours
  • Learn how to understand to measure your results and modify your pinning accordingly
  • Spend less time on Pinterest yet gain more followers and visitors to your website
  • Really start bringing lots of new visitors to your website and make Pinterest your top referring social site?

With over 200 million monthly users, businesses need to be showcasing their products and services effectively to bring a whole new audience to their websites. Pinners are primed to make purchases, so it’s essential to target this market but many just don’t know how.


What’s Included in your Masterclass Recordings: 

Recording 1: Pinterest for Beginners Masterclass

  •  A fresh understanding of how to build your account in an effective, strategic way
  • A clear plan of how to use Pinterest either manually or with a scheduler
  • A strategy that won’t cost you any money and will only take an hour or two of your time per week
  • Recorded live over a 1 hour training session including a student Q&A
  • Learn the easy to follow 3- step strategy to ensure your setup is complete and boards are built effectively.
  • Download and keep the recording, watch in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Be confident in how to setup your Pinterest profile, make new pins and develop a basic pinning strategy.
Recording 2: Pinterest Strategy Masterclass

  • How to maximise traffic with minimal effort each week, taking all the new updates into account. 
  • Using keywords effectively and creating the best descriptions to help with Pinterest SEO
  • Advanced strategies plus how to use analytics to monitor and develop your ongoing strategy.
  • Recorded live over a 1 hour training session including a student Q&A. 
  • Feel confident that you’ve taken your Pinterest knowledge from beginner to intermediate and beyond. 
  • Download and keep the recording, watching it in your own time at your own pace.
  • See your Pinterest traffic soar and your services and product sales grow, with a whole new audience to your website. 
Who’s It For?

Anyone who wants to use Pinterest to help promote their business or their blog. Ideal for beginners and perfect for the intermediate user who wants a complete refresh.

Small and larger businesses who have tried using Pinterest but not had success. Bloggers who still haven’t mastered the platform and find it confusing and overwhelming.

Social media managers and VA’s who want to offer Pinterest management as part of their services.

This double set of masterclass sessions will take the newer pinner from beginner status through to intermediate and beyond. More intermediate users can be confident they have all the basics covered before updating their strategy with all the new Pinterest changes.

About Me:

I’ve been coaching businesses and bloggers in the art of using Pinterest as a marketing tool for their websites for over 2 years. I’ve been using Pinterest myself for over 5 years, have just under 1 million followers, and drive tens of thousands of hits to my blog every month.

In 2 years I had over 1.5 million new visitors to my blog from Pinterest alone.

Pinterest is a passion, not just work, and I love working with others who are equally as passionate about using this powerful tool to better their businesses. I love running live sessions and am so excited about being able to share my knowledge with so many of you at the same time.


How do I watch?

It’s really easy, you can use your phone, tablet or pc to watch the recording via the link I’ll send you. Download the recording and watch at your leisure. The replays are in MP4 format so you can watch through any media player.

Why do I have to pay to watch?

There is plenty of free information on the blog and website if you want to start there but these sessions are packed full of up to date information, presented in a clear, logical format illustrated by live screens and real time tools. PLUS, I don’t sell you anything extra; these are information-packed, up to date masterclasses that you won’t get anywhere else.

How do I pay?

Click the Buy Now button on this page to be taken to a Paypal payment page. Just pay with your paypal account and you’ll be taken straight to the download page to access the replays.


Just to say I absolutely loved your workshop- everything was really clear, and I now have the confidence to attack Pinterest in a new way – the Jen strategy will be put in place! I was also so thrilled that I don’t have to spend hours and hours on the Internet. Natalie – My Billet Doux

Thanks, you are a legend! I was doing some of this but have clearer idea of where to go. I’m seeing growth but excited to go forward. Donna – Skirting Boards and Chandeliers

Thank you so much for webinar, it was super useful and clarified in a simple way what I need to be doing – there’s so much conflicting information. Evelyn Matthews

I’m really impressed so far. Mostly by how simple the strategy is and how little work it takes if you have the Stanbrook magic formula! Aaron – The Gifted Few