Pinterest is an easy win once you’ve mastered the basics but so many people just don’t know where to start. It feels overwhelming to tackle one more platform to promote your business but this one really will make the difference. It’s worth your time and energy so put Instagram aside for an hour each week and give that time over to pinning – you’ll thank me for it. With over 200 million monthly users, and 50% of them outside the US, that’s one heck of an audience who are ready to buy your products and services.

I’ve brainstormed the tasks that are easy to take on and should be done each week to ensure you’re making the most of Pinterest. Here they are:

Create 3 New Pins:

Using a tool like canva.com create graphics for 3 pages. Use high quality imagery and add some on brand text if you like to help them stand out in the feed. Do this on a weekly basis and you should have plenty of new pins to share to Pinterest. Remember to take into account the recent changes to pin sizes.

Analyse Past Pins:

Look through your analytics, either on Pinterest, Tailwind or Google Analytics and identify 3 pins that are doing well. Plan to re-share them on your feed over the coming week to ensure their popularity doesn’t wane.

Identify Your Seasonal Content:

Pinterest is a platform that thrives on events and seasons so if you do have seasonal style content, or have products that sell well at particular times of the year, dig them out each week. Identify which are worth sharing (again) and make 2 new graphics for them (you’ve now made 8 graphics for the week) and plan to pin them through the following 7 days.

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Source Other Pins:

It’s important to share other people’s pin alongside your own – you’ll look like a natural, regular pinner, and fill up your boards nicely too – so dig out 30 for the week that you want to share. Make sure they are all good quality content and your audience will approve of them. Plan to share them, a few each day across the week.

Check Your Scheduler:

The easiest way to plan your pins for the week as described in the tasks above is via a scheduler. You’ll know I’m a big Tailwind advocate and use it for myself and all my clients too. Doing the above tasks and filling up a schedule takes roughly 1-2 hours (you get quicker as you get more practiced)  and you’ll have plenty of pins going out, regularly and consistently, bringing you lots of new website visitors primed to be your next customer.

That doesn’t sound too tricky right?

If you want dive deeper into creating a pinning plan like this one, come and join my Pinterest Strategy Masterclass on Tuesday 19th June 8-9PM BST (recorded for those that can’t make it) and I’ll teach and show you the exact way to make all of this a success. 

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