About Me

Do you ever feel that you might miss your chance?

If you believe that now is your time, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Jen Stanbrook, it’s lovely to meet you.

I have 30 years of entrepreneurship experience mixed with corporate employment.

 Following my Psychology degree, I worked in food retail management in London and then founded a cleaning company in my late 20s.

 Back then marketing meant hours of delivering fliers through letterboxes and writing copy for newspaper ads. It was tough. I didn’t know what I was doing and I made a LOT of mistakes.

It wasn’t a financial success but it taught me resilience and that I loved creating something I could be proud of.


Fast forward a few years and I retrained into corporate IT. A job that would lead to 10 years of coding and project management, as well as meeting my husband.

A decade later with two young children and my entrepreneurial streak really kicked in.

I bought a few franchises – I took my baby to work with me and for 5 years built up a successful, vibrant business. The journey had begun.

I started using social media – Facebook was just emerging. Blogging was becoming popular and these were great ways to support other women.

Even then I blogged about how mums could run their own businesses (I even gave it a dodgy name – Sign and the City!)


It all led to the incredible experience in my 40s as a full time blogger. I created Love Chic Living Ltd, travelled Europe, had a job on live TV and worked as brand ambassador for major UK interior brands.

I mastered social media, Pinterest and tech.

My corporate career gave me the tools to network and build contracts whilst my previous freelancing gave me confidence.

I created a service business online, helping hundreds of businesses with their Pinterest marketing. I moved to mentoring and supporting female led businesses in digital marketing.


When the menopause affected me mentally and physically in my mid 40s, I nearly lost it all. It’s been a hard road back to being well but now I’ve found myself, I’m not missing the opportunity to be the best I can be.

Over the next 5 years I plan to triple my business size, to help hundreds more women achieve their dreams and grab the chance to make the most of my experience.

It’s not too late. I simply cannot wait to see what the next decade has to offer!



Member of the Assocation of Business Mentors.

Where you’re at right now:


  • You’ve got an idea that you’d love to turn your creative skills into an online business
  • You’re bored, tired and frustrated with your current job and feel that if you don’t take the opportunity to create something you love now, you might miss the chance.
  • You want to create a course or product online but have no clue where to start or how to promote it.
  • Or you’ve set up your business online and it’s not moving forward. You’d love to be able to find more ways to expand and make more profit.
  • Digital marketing scares you. Social media is a minefield, you’ve no idea about email marketing and as for Pinterest, where they heck do you start?!


Embracing my entrepreneurship and drawing on all my experience has led me to this moment of helping other women realise their dreams.

Through consultancy, coaching and mentoring, I help creative women explore and establish their businesses in the online world.

I’m living my best life now I’m 50 and I want to give others the chance to live theirs.