About Me


I’m Jen Stanbrook, and welcome; I’m so glad you’re here.

Pinterest has been on everyone’s minds for some time now. Businesses are hearing that it’s the new cool platform to gain sales and customers, and bloggers know it can massively increase their pageviews.

BUT everyone is confused as to how it works and what they need to do to use it properly.

It might look pretty like Instagram, but it works in a completely different way (and what was that rumour about no hashtags?!) and in fact, it isn’t social media at all.

Yep, that’s right, it’s a search engine. Who knew!

Don’t worry though, I guarantee if you stick around, I’ll clear up all the confusion and help you master the platform that will completely change your blog and your business.



So I started blogging back in 2012, building my design and interiors blog Love Chic Living. Back then I had two small children and a part time business teaching mum and babies sign language. I ran multiple classes in the day also looking after my children, then in the evening I worked on my blog.

It was damn hard work.

I did everything I could to promote my blog, from blog linkies, to networking, to sharing on all the social media platforms, to blog parties and so much more. It was relentless and I was often working untill 2am.

But fast forward 5 years :

  • The blog is a multi-award  top UK Interiors site reaching over 1.5 million people per year.
  • I sold my part-time business and work full time as a freelance blogger and coach.
  • I have a solid, sustainable income through blogging, coaching and courses.
  • I work with multiple brands, collaborating on long-term projects online
  • I have choice, flexibility and variety in my work; no two days are the same
  • I go to bed long before 2am!

All of this has been possible because late in 2012 I started to play with Pinterest. By 2014 it was consistently bringing in tens of thousands of new visitors to my site every month. I haven’t looked back since.

In the last 2 years, I’ve had over 1.5 million visitors from Pinterest alone.

I’ve made so many mistakes, and tried so many things over the years. And now I know how to use Pinterest effectively, I’m passionate about teaching others how to do that same. You won’t have to make the mistakes I did.

I’ve now taught hundreds of creative entrepreneurs how to use Pinterest effectively to drive traffic, grow sales and boost customer numbers.

It’s brought them a new found love of their business, confidence in spades and a focus to build their finances and improve life for them and their family. Lifting women up and supporting a community of like minded women is at the forefront of what I do; teaching Pinterest Marketing is just the beginning.

My approach is simple and supportive with no nonsense advice, that’s easy to follow and easy to apply. I want you to succeed. 

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Happy pinning

Jen x