Imagine taking just one hour out of your day and creating a clear, precise plan for your blog, Pinterest or digital business.

 Delivered via Zoom, the 1-1 Power Hour allows you to learn, discuss and make solutions for your digital marketing in a fast, bespoke and completely tailored way.

Whether you want a Pinterest Marketing strategy, a business blog plan or a new direction for your online business, the 1-1 Power Hour is your most impactful way to achieve this.

Our Pinterest traffic and web clicks had plummeted, but Jen guided us through the new techniques and methods Pinterest is now looking for. Working with her on a one to one basis,  she clearly identified where we were going wrong and suggested a new approach. Over the last 4 weeks we have seen a significant increase in traffic and are delighted with the improvement.

Marketing Manager, AndrewsHayes Holiday Park

What if you could clear up the confusion around using Pinterest for your business?

What if you gained clarity on how to create effective blog articles that support your business?

What if you could identify gaps in your digital marketing and create a growth plan for the future?

All of this is possible in just one hour of powerful, productive discussion with someone who’s been doing all of the above for 10 years.

Hi, I’m Jen Stanbrook and I’ve been running a digital business for over a decade.

I’ve become an expert in Pinterest Marketing, coaching hundreds of businesses in the last 7 years and gaining 1 million followers.

I’ve created multiple blog websites and earned a high 5 figure salary from content creation.

I’ve built a digital business that moves and flexes with me and my family, allowing me freedom, fun and bags of creativity.

Working in a Power Hour with me allows us to correct key areas of your digital business and take a giant leap forward in progress.

I know you’re short on time, aren’t we all!

So finding a fast, but effective way to make big shifts in your business is imperative.

You want up to date information, latest best practices and methods that really work from someone who has experienced them.

You want to learn from someone you can trust, who you identify with, who understands the digital world.

It’s why I created the Power Hour about 5 years ago; to help you make impactful changes from my expertise.

Your 1-1 Power Hour is packed with useful, bespoke and considered advice so you can avoid any mistakes.

Your success is my motivation.


It was an hour very well spent and I came away much clearer and confident about how to move forward, and am really excited about watching what happens over the next months.  Jen tailored the hour to my business goals, answered all my questions and gave me a really clear and manageable plan for moving forward AND was really lovely to chat to.  Thank you so much, I highly recommend working with Jen.

Founder, Pipity




Whether you’re a complete beginner that wants to learn from scratch, or a veteran who needs a Pinterest refresh, a Power Hour works. Simply answer my questions beforehand and I’ll plan your session accordingly.


Use the Power Hour to have me analyse your blogs, suggest a new blog plan, improve your SEO and connect your marketing dots. Ideal for beginners and pro bloggers alike, whether you blog for your business or as a standalone website.


Does your online business need a new perspective? If you want a growth plan for courses, memberships, building your email list or sales pages, we can identify the areas for improvement in a focused and powerful hour.

Having a power hour with Jen gave me a valuable opportunity to reassess things and move forward with clarity and purpose. Time is precious so I’m so grateful that Jen has enabled me to use it to the best advantage! I’m excited to see what will come from it. 

The Menopause Dietician , Menopause Dietician



Click one of the booking buttons on this page, and you’ll be led to a calendar page. Select your preferred date and time and make your payment.



Around a week before your session, you’ll receive a set of emailed questions, the answers to which help me prepare for our session together.


At the planned time, click your zoom link and join me live. I’ll share the planned agenda for your session and we’ll begin! You’ll be able to record the session.


✔️Businesses or solopreneurs who run an online business.

✔️Bloggers/digital publishers who want to improve their blog’s traffic and revenue.

✔️Coaches who need guidance in creating courses, memberships and marketing funnels.

✔️Digital businesses who use or want to use Pinterest marketing more effectively.


✖️A full training program. Whilst you can learn quickly, 1 hour isn’t a replacement for a comprehensive course.

✖️Speedier results. You’ll learn a lot in the hour, but then it’s up to you to apply what you’ve learned in the following months.

✖️A get rich quick scheme! Digital marketing takes time to get right and you won’t have instant results from a one hour session. A Power Hour sets you off in the right direction so you can follow it.

I found my pinterest power hour really helpful. Jen asked ahead of the session what I wanted to know which really helped me get clear on what my business needed. During the session Jen made sure to cover every point that I’d asked for help on and made sure to keeps my business goals in mind. I now know exactly how to take the next few steps forward and have a clear strategy. Thanks Jen!

Entrepreneur, Sarah Akwisombe




What others asked before booking a Power Hour:

Can I choose my own time slot?
There are lots of timeslots available in the calendar, and I update them regularly. Mostly they happen in the mornings Tues-Thurs but if you have commitments that make these times difficult, get in touch and we can work something out.
Do I have to have my camera on in the Zoom?
Not at all, if that’s what you’d prefer. I’ll have mine on, and I’ll share my screen, but as long as we can talk to each other clearly, that’s fine.
Can I book multiple Power Hours?
Indeed you can! I’d suggest doing the first one so we can discuss a timescale for your next one, but you’re welcome to book them if and when you need them.
Will you follow up after the session?
Yes. I’ll email you after your session with a synopsis and plan of what we discussed for your records.
Is the Power Hour recorded?
Yes. You will be able to record the session in Zoom onto your computer and save it for future reference. It’s really simple and I’ll talk you through it when you arrive, you won’t need to prepare anything.
Do you offer refunds?
If you decide not to go ahead with your Power Hour, as long as you give me 24 hours notice, I will refund. Once the session has taken place, refunds cannot be given. If you’re not happy with the outcome of your Power Hour, let me know and we can discuss.

Hey, I’m Jen, your Coach.

  • After a Psychology degree and a few years in food retail, I set up my first company – in residential cleaning. I dabbled and experimented.
  • Then came a retrain into corporate IT and a decade of professional services, travel and customer liaison.
  • The second company came in my mid 30s – Baby Signing franchises which led to my first foray in social media.
  • Then came the third business setup, creating and developing one of the UK’s leading Interior blogs, Pinterest marketing consultancy, coaching and mentoring with hundreds of small business.
  • The last 6 years have brought clarity in how I want to serve others, how I believe we all deserve this moment to fulfill our potential, and so I teach systems that really help develop and secure your business.

My goal?

To help you achieve a sustainable, growing online business with an effective marketing plan.

How do I do that?

Through systems, know-how and approachable coaching, and true belief in all of my clients.

My superpower?

The ability to visualise what’s achievable and convey that belief to you!