How To Design Pinterest Pins Which WORK

As a business or blog which uses Pinterest, you no doubt add pins to the platform which link back to your content in the hope that users will like them and visit your website. There are currently 300 million monthly users and billions of pins which exist on Pinterest,...

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How to Discover and Report Stolen Pins

Have you ever seen one of your pins on Pinterest and noticed that it doesn't lead back to your website? If you have, and it's likely it exists if you haven't, this is probably a stolen pin, Your pin has been taken and redirected back to someone else's website, and...

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Pinterest for Business: Case Study with The Gifted Few

If you're a business and want to use Pinterest more it's always useful to see what others are doing. The Gifted Few is an online interiors business which has been using Pinterest for a few years so has a very interesting story to tell. Check out how they got started,...

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20 Point Guide to Getting Started with Pinterest

I've been using Pinterest for 6 years now, promoting my blogs and content and helping to bring hundreds of thousands of new visitors to my sites every year. It's been a phenomenal journey and experience, one that's led me to helping hundreds of businesses and bloggers...

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17 Steps to an Effective Business Blog

Small businesses need to create an effective business blog but many fall at the first hurdle. It's often the job that gets left at the bottom of the pile, and I completely understand why. Everyone is telling you must have a good business blog. But very few people tell...

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What To Do When Your Pinterest Traffic Drops

I've had so many messages recently, either through email or from my Facebook group PinTips, about a serious decline in Pinterest traffic. Business owners and bloggers alike have seen their traffic from Pinterest drop substantially in recent months and have panicked....

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How to Master Pinterest in 1 Hour per Week

One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to tackling Pinterest is feeling overwhelmed. Businesses know that it can be an incredible tool for driving new customers to their site but have no clue how to use it, and worse still, they hand it to their social...

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How to Use the NEW Tailwind Tribes

If you're a regular Tailwind user you may have noticed that the Tribes feature has been fully released. In fact, if you've been using it for a while you may be a little confused by this, but essentially what you were using before was just a trial version. Now,...

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How Many Times Should You Pin Each Day?

This is one of the questions that I get asked so much. I see it in my Facebook group PinTips, via email, and in my courses too. It's the age old question to which there are, it seems, a million answers. Why are there so many answers? Well let's dig a little deeper...

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Back to Basics: How Pinterest Works and Why you Need it

Welcome to a new month and to a new feature. I'm going back to basics with some of my blog posts on the site now, starting off with some background information for those of you still not sure if you should be investing your time in mastering Pinterest for your...

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6 Steps to Your Next Viral Pin (Even for New Pinners)

Want some tips on how to create that elusive viral pin? Well if you’re here you probably fall into one of two camps. One, you are a newbie pinner, trying to get your head around how Pinterest works and keen to understand how to make your pins popular on the platform....

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Are Hasthtags Coming to Pinterest in 2017?

So the big news this week? It looks like Pinterest have announced that it's going to be ok to use hashtags on the site moving forward from August 2017. Wow, this is huge, and I'll be honest and say I'm not sure how I feel about this. Let's dig a little deeper....

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What to Pin to Pinterest in August

If you didn't know it, Pinterest has very strong trends throughout the year in terms of what works well on the feed. It depends on lots of things, but mostly on the seasons and events and what pinners will be planning for and towards. I'm sure we all use Pinterest for...

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PINSIGHT Pinterest Course: August Special Offer

With the new month comes a new offer. I love a good deal, and with the summer season well upon us, what better time to offer you a little treat. For the whole of August I'm offering PINSIGHT - my Pinterest course for bloggers and brands, at a big discount. This will...

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