Want to know how to use Pinterest for business in 2021? Read on to find out how you can successfully use Pinterest marketing in your business to increase your audience, sales and profits.

So you heard that Pinterest marketing is the best way to diversify your online marketing so you can stop relying on social media and SEO.

We know that Pinterest is a great way for creatives, coaches and bloggers to maximise their audience and it works perfectly alongside other digital marketing methods.

With an audience of over 450 million users per month, and 8 out of 10 pinners going on to make a purchase from their Pinterest research, it has to be a tool you include in your marketing.

I can teach you all the intricacies of using Pinterest. How to make great pins, how many times to pin each day/week, how to read your stats and of course, how to use Tailwind (keep reading for more on this).

But this is all redundant if you don’t convert those pinners into customers.

You need to know how to make sales from Pinterest, how to make money from Pinterest and how to increase your profits using Pinterest.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about the different methods you can use to maximise your revenue and profit, from your time investment in Pinterest.

Whether you’re an online store, ecommerce site, coach or blogger, these techniques will apply to you all, so keep reading.

Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing:

Before we get started let’s just put a few Pinterest myths to bed right now.

Pinterest is NOT social media, and works in a very different way. It’s more like a search engine.

You’ll use it in a very different way for your business, than you do for your pleasure.

It’s definitely not as complicated as you think, it’s just different.

So you’ll need to learn how it works, but once you know, it’s very straight forward and worth it.

It’s full of people wanting your ideas, products and services. It’s NOT just for crafts, recipes and decor.

Remember there are over 450 million users each month, and 8 out of 10 pinners go on to make a purchase once they’ve done their Pinterest research.


Key Pinterest Marketing Methods:

Now you know you that Pinterest is good for marketing, what kind of strategy do you need to put in place to make it work?

Here are some of the key points you need to know.

Remember this isn’t everything, but it IS what’s working in the latter part of 2021.

  • Create fresh pins linked to either fresh or old content on your website.
  • Use Pin Templates and update them with new text and imagery.
  • Save these pins to relevant boards, a few times with each, with an interval of around a week.
  • Add keyword rich descriptions and titles, but no hashtags
  • You’ll need several fresh pins per day and around 5-10 pins overall.
  • Create 1 x Idea Pin per week to encourage engagement and follows
  • Use a scheduler like Tailwind to manage your pinning

All of this will take you 1-2 hours per week. It’s an admin task that’s all. Monitor your stats and make sure it’s working. Tweak your strategy when necessary.

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Converting Pinners to your Email List

Now what do you do with these pinners when they arrive at your website?

Pinners are renowned for reading and leaving, so it’s time to make sure you give them a great experience and KEEP them on your website.

The best way to do this is by encouraging them to sign up to your email list.

Give them a discount or free offer in exchange for their email address then warm them up into loyal buyers with your email marketing.

Let’s talk more about how this all works.


How to Use Email Marketing

Have you ever read that your email list is the one thing you truly own? Well it’s true.

Email marketing is an essential way of communicating with your audience and customers, and the BEST way to build a strong, personal relationship with them.

Plus, you won’t be affected by algorithm changes, or account closures.

Let’s just look at how it works, and why you need it.


1. What is email marketing and how does it work

Email marketing allows for the promotion of your products and services via someone’s email inbox. Here’s the thing.

Your email subscribers want to be there.

They want to see your emails and hear about your business. So it’s an incredibly powerful tool.

In fact, for ever $1 you spend, you’ll get a return of $44. That’s a phenomenal stat.

So, it’s imperative you master the art of email marketing and learn how it connects to your pins


2. How to get started with your first campaign

If email marketing is new to you, the first thing you’ll need is a lead magnet, or list builder. Like this one.

Most subscribers give you their email address in exchange for valuable content or a discount.

Lead magnets or list builders offer a skill, knowledge or discount usually, and appear on your website.

A potential customer will give you their email details so you will deliver the <free> product to them.

Once signed up you’ll want to create a welcome or nurture sequence to introduce them to you and your business.

Remember to create interest and intrigue into the set of emails, before you make them an offer.

Need some ideas for List Builders of your own?

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3. Common email marketing mistakes (and what to do instead)

There are quite a few email marketing errors that it’s easy to fall into. Here are a few common ones and what you should do instead.

  1. Signing up new subscribers and not emailing them right back. Make sure you have a triggered email that welcomes all new subscribers and introduces them to the offer they signed up for.
  2. Using your email marketing simply to showcase offers and sales. Always warm up the client list, get to know them, help them understand what you do and how you do it.
  3. Ignoring your list. It’s the biggest mistake I see – you build your list, collect your subscribers and then NEVER email them regularly. It’s a surefire way to getting ditched


If you’re not using email marketing yet in your business, we teach you strategies and techniques in the Pinning Club as part of our monthly Pinterest Marketing training pack. There’s also a brand new, up to date Pinterest training course inside.

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Common Pinterest Marketing questions:

Will Pinterest work for my business?

It’s a great question and one that you should investigate. Most businesses can use Pinterest very nicely, but if you’re not sure, why not take my quiz to find out?

What are the advantages of using Pinterest for marketing?

Integrate Pinterest into your marketing and you never have to rely on social media. In the latter part of 2021 we’ve already seen several Instagram and Facebook outages. It’s a stark reminder that we have little control over these platforms we rely on so heavily.

Pinterest and your email marketing give you security, a second stream of traffic, a more reliable way to communicate with your customers.

Do I need to pay for ads on Pinterest?

It’s true, Pinterest is a commercial platform and you CAN invest in Promoted Pins for your business. They work well and have a good CTR.

But, you do need a strong organic strategy too and using both strategies together will create a well developed marketing plan for any business.

Pinterest marketing has the power to completely revamp your revenue, secure your digital marketing and provide some security into your business.

It’s not as tricky as you think, will work for most businesses, and can be incorporated into your marketing with 1-2 hours of effort per week.

Once it falls into place, it’s like magic!

Are you using Pinterest for your business? If so, are you seeing the results?

Remember, as one of the UK’s leading Pinterest and Digital marketing coaches, I can help you master these platforms with ease, simplicity and confidence. Lets bring some freedom and financial vitality into your business. 

Jen x