Hi, I'm Jen

Helping creative women establish their business in the online world for greater confidence, freedom and profit.


You are a genius! And worth 1000000x your weight in gold. I came into our session this morning  feeling extremely vague and unsure.

In less than 40 minutes, you had focused in on what I wanted to achieve and we discussed my next steps.

The genius  showed itself in your ability to take  my garbled chatter, hone it down  to a short list of words and then paint me a picture of my future business that was so right and so  real that it reached into my core and made me cry happy tears. That is truly a gift!

Alison Mitchell

Founder, Super Troupers




Hi, I’m Jen Stanbrook, and I’ve made it my mission to ensure more midlife women fulfill their dreams and passions in their online business. 

I truly believe it’s our time to grab our opportunities and make the most of our talents, gifts and desires. 

And the last few years have shown us that we really shouldn’t wait. 

I’ve built a successful online brand in the last decade. In my 40s I created one of the UK’s top multi-award winning, home interiors blogs, travelled Europe and had a job on live TV. 

That success led me to helping other women master their online business through digital marketing courses, Pinterest courses, coaching, consultancy and mindset work and more recently, awareness around menopause. 

We deserve the chance to fulfill our destiny no matter what our age or time of life, so if you’re looking for freedom, choice and flexibility in your business and beyond, you’re in the right place. 


I feel that the 1-1 coaching, on top of the Pinning Club, gave me the extra push that I needed to be up and running properly on Pinterest.

I love the way that Jen is down to earth and genuinely wants her students to achieve the success that she has.

Samantha, Interior Decorator

I need to say a massive thank you. This month is the most blog traffic I have had in AT LEAST a year!

Pinterest gives me huge peace of mind, knowing that it is consistently working for me in the background - driving traffic to the blog, website and YouTube - whilst I get on with the 'nitty gritty' of running a handmade business.

Jen has given me so much confidence in myself and her belief in me and her support has brought me so far in such a short space of time.

Lisa School Run Mum



Learn Pinterest marketing for your creative business, banish the confusion and finally diversify your marketing. This self study course is available immediately, and comes with new updates on Idea Pins and the Tailwind scheduler to ensure you understand, consolidate and apply what you learn. 


For creative women with an established online business, who need digital marketing guidance, mindset support and mentoring to confidence and mastery. Waiting List for September 2022