The 4-month private mentoring program with Jen


Are you ready to extend yourself and your business with online growth?

You’re a woman with a passion.

You have a long held dream to turn that passion into a thriving business.

You have an idea. You’ve even started up your business and yet you’re stalling.

You’ve achieved so much in your career, you’re in your prime, ready to move into your own space, fulfill your potential and make a difference to your life and those around you.

You’re sure that this is your time. You’re not going to wait any longer.

Full of determination, you haven’t got a clear marketing path, you’re worried about using social media and feel confused by the online world.

Whilst it all feels a mystery, you won’t let this stop you.

You need a strong mentor to empower you to bring your business to life.

Can you relate?

    •  You’ve had a job for years that you’re now bored with. It doesn’t align with who you are and what you want to achieve. You know you’re capable of so much more and you’re NOT going to miss the chance.
    • Creatively you feel unfullfilled, and are positive you could turn a hobby or passion into a thriving business but the online world feels alien. You’ve never used social media much before. It scares you.
    • Now you’re over 40 you have self doubt in your online business venture. Are you good enough? Who would buy from you? Do you really need to show your face on social media?
    • From previous job success you KNOW you have what it takes, but you need someone to show you how to navigate an online world. You want systems, logical steps, digital marketing plans and a big confidence boost. 
    • Your 40s and 50s have brought hormone challenges and you don’t want this to prevent you from grabbing this moment.


     I totally get you.

    Now in my 50s I’ve spent the last decade in the online world, navigating a fast changing landscape, building a thriving online business as the face of my brand. 

    My hormones did mess up but I fought back. Perimenopause nearly broke me, so I understand self doubt, imposter syndrome and the fear of failing.

    With a Psychology degree, 3 different businesses, a decade in corporate IT and a working life dedicated to helping other women, now is MY time to help you.

    Together I’ll help you navigate digital marketing, social media, planning content and being bolder and braver.

    When I stopped focusing on the wrong people, surrounded myself with empowering women who championed me, my fortunes changed.

    I stepped into being the BEST version of myself, living my BEST life. I truly believe you can too. 

    And in this 4 month program, we’re going to do it together in a way that works for YOU.  

    What does working with me look like?

    What does the program include?

    Is it right for you?



    You want a mentor who’s been where you are and has navigated your path. Someone who understands the challenges of marketing online and can help you overcome them. 

    EXTEND is a bespoke program tailored to your needs. 

    In an initial call we’ll figure out which areas need support and map out the 4 months together. 

    You’ll typically have gaps in the following:

    • Managing and planning social media content
    • Confusion over tech and systems for your business idea
    • Online growth and how to find your clients
    • Lack of confidence and a lot of self-doubt

    At the end of our time together we will have beaten all of those through our support calls and weekly messages.

    What’s Included:

    A high touch 16 week program packed with guidance, support and accountability.

    Fortnightly 45 minute private video sessions where we lay out the actions for you to move forward.

    Daily accountability and feedback from me as you implement the steps to fine-tune the process towards fast growth and results. 

    Voxer support weekdays 9-5 for voice notes, a pep talk, support and thought sharing so you can really take action quickly and with purpose. 

    Access to my 30 years of coporate and self employed business experience as a freelancer, employee, employer and serial entrepreneur. 

    Access to the CLARITY membership for Mindset, Marketing and Menopause. Included is a monthly Masterclass with guest experts, Ideas Lab for brainstorming next steps, Content Planning sessions and a behind the scenes to my mindset and business. 


    Your financial commitment is a one off payment of £2400 to secure your place on the program.

    Your personal commitment is to show up to to the private video sessions and take action in between. This time is as important as the face to face calls, if not more.


    You’ll benefit from working on this program if the following applies to you:

     – You’re over 40, feel excited to start something new and want to do it with someone who knows the shortcuts. You’re prepared to put in the effort it takes and value investing in yourself. 

      You’re at the start of your new business journey, ready to create the path to your online setup. You have an idea but want guidance in researching it, setting up systems and bringing it to life. 

      Or you have an existing business online but digital marketing feels overwhelming and scary. Your website and social channels are set up but you’re not making the most of them. 

      You want to overcome the fear of creating or developing your business, of social media and online visibility. You struggle with imposter syndrome, anxiety and worry about showing yourself on social media. It all feels so new and confusing. 

     – Your business growth has stagnated and you aren’t making the most of digital marketing. Blogging, social media and content planning all feels alien and you’d love some guidance. 

     – You’re ready to make the financial investment of £2400 to commit to this program. 

     You won’t benefit from the program, if you feel confident and comfortable with digital marketing, want to pursue ads and paid promotions or don’t want to develop your business in the next few months. 

    You are a genius! And worth 1000000x your weight in gold. I came into our session this morning  feeling extremely vague and unsure.

    In less than 40 minutes, you had focused in on what I wanted to achieve and we discussed my next steps.

    The genius  showed itself in your ability to take  my garbled chatter, hone it down  to a short list of words and then paint me a picture of my future business that was so right and so  real that it reached into my core and made me cry happy tears. That is truly a gift!

    Alison Mitchell

    Together in Music

    Jen and our sessions gave me the focus and confidence that I was lacking in taking my business forward


    Lisa Galley Illustrations

    I’d like to add that Jen has given me so much confidence in myself and her belief in me and her support has brought me so far in such a short space of time. Thank You Jen


    Lisa Galley Illustrations

    I just want to say that I feel I have benefited immensely from the 1-1. I very nearly didn’t sign up, as I didn’t think I had the time to fit it in, but I realised that it was important to make time.

     I don’t particularly like speaking out and asking questions in a group session, so the 1-1 was perfect for me. The fact that I was being held accountable was also good for me, to make sure that I completed any actions that we set. Jen is very easy to work with, and I have really enjoyed the sessions.


    My Billet Doux

    More about me.

    • After a Psychology degree and a few years in food retail, I set up my first company – in residential cleaning. I dabbled and experimented.
    • Then came a retrain into corporate IT and a decade of professional services, travel and customer liaison. 
    • The second company came in my mid 30s – Baby Signing franchises which led to my first foray in social media.
    • Then came the third business setup, with a full time blog career and consultancy services, leading to this moment of digital entrepreneurship. 
    • The last 5 years have brought clarity in how I want to serve other women, how I believe we all deserve this moment to fulfill our potential, and that our 50s can be our BEST decade yet!

    My goal?

    To influence the world through helping women heal and make deep, lasting change.

    How do I do that?

    I’m happy to be at the front of the room, serving and educating.

    My superpower?

    Emotional intelligence, a love of people and a life devoted to mastery.