The 3-month businness mentoring program with Jen


Are you ready to extend yourself and your business with online growth?

You’re a woman with a passion.

You have a long held dream to turn that passion into a thriving business.

Your business is established and you’ve got big plans. You want real impact, to grow and sustain your sales.  

Whilst you’re full of determination, you feel there are gaps in your digital marketing. You’re not making the most of it. You’re not sure what to do next. 

Whilst it all feels a little overwhelming, you won’t let this stop you.

You need a strong mentor who will guide you to a clear digital marketing plan.

Can you relate?

    • You’re passionate about your products and the business you’ve created; you want it to have a real impact on you, your family and your customers. 
    • You’ve spent time trying to learn social media; you’ve taken courses and joined programs, but you haven’t yet put it all into practice. 
    • You’re not sure where to start with online marketing. Blogs, pins, Instagram posts and emails; there’s so much to do!
    • You’re pretty sure if you have a concise, effective digital marketing plan, you could save time and make more money.
    • You’ve not got the time to do more courses, and anyway, the information is pretty general, you’re looking for more specific, tailored advice.
    • It would be great if someone with the right expertise could look at your business, and identify the areas to work on, and in what order.
    • You’d love to have someone you could ask questions and get quick, specific answers.
    • You’re ready to make fast progress, with a strong digital marketing plan, that results in greater connections with your online audience.


     I totally get you.

    Now in my 50s I’ve spent the last decade in the online world, navigating a fast changing landscape, building a thriving online business as the face of my brand. 

    With a Psychology degree, 3 different businesses, a decade in corporate IT and a working life dedicated to helping other women, now is MY time to help you.

    Together I’ll help you navigate digital marketing, social media, planning content and being bolder and braver.

    When I started implementing all that I’d learned, with the right people helping me, I saw a huge change in my messaging, my brand and my business.

    It changed me too. I felt more confident, aligned and driven to reach my goals.

    I stepped into being the BEST version of myself, living my BEST life. I truly believe you can too.

    And in this 3 month program, we’re going to do it together in a way that works for YOU.  

    What does working with me look like?

    What does the program include?

    Is it right for you?



    You want a mentor who’s been where you are and has navigated your path. Someone who understands the challenges of marketing online and can help you overcome them. 

    EXTEND is a bespoke program tailored to your needs. 

    In an initial call we’ll figure out which areas need support and map out the our time together. 

    You’ll typically want to work on some of these areas:

    • Managing and planning social media content for growth
    • Building out tech and systems for ease and automation.
    • Development of digital products and marketing them.
    • Clarity on next and future steps that develop your online presence which results in more clients.
    • At the end of our time together you’ll have a sustainable digital marketing plan specific to your business. 

    What’s Included:

    A high touch 12 week program packed with guidance, support and accountability.

    Fortnightly 1 hour zoom calls where we discuss your next steps, actions and fill knowledge gaps.

    Messaging support Mon-Fri 9-5 for feedback, brainstorming and action taking.

    Access to my 30 years of corporate and self employed business experience as a freelancer, mentor, coach and serial entrepreneur. 


    Your financial commitment is a one time payment of £1500 or £500 per month to secure your place on the program.

    Your personal commitment is to show up to to the private video sessions and take action in between. This time is as important as the face to face calls, if not more.


    You’ll benefit from working on this program if the following applies to you:

     – In your midlife, you feel excited to start something new and want to do it with someone who knows the shortcuts. You’re prepared to put in the effort it takes and value investing in yourself. 

      You have an established online business, either an ecommerce or service based brand, yet you know you haven’t maximised digital marketing. That may include digital products, Pinterest, blogs, email marketing, and social media.   

      Digital marketing feels misaligned with you and your values. Your website and social channels are set up but you’re not making the most of them. 

      You want to create a sustainable plan for your business, for social media and online visibility. You want flexibility, choice and fun built into your working life. 

     – Your business growth has stagnated and you aren’t making the most of digital marketing. Blogging, social media and content planning all feels alien and you need guidance to grow your audience and reduce the hustle. 

     – You’re ready to make the financial investment of £1500 / £500 per month, to commit to this program.

     This isn’t for you if you haven’t yet established your online business, would prefer learning via course or self-study, or aren’t yet ready to invest £500 per month in your business.  


     You’re wondering if we are a good fit, right?

     – Many of my clients are in creative industries, such as interior designers, stylists, photographers, makers and crafters.

     – All are women, many in their midlife years who are developing or pivoting their businesses.

     – Some are neurodivergent (my family is neurodiverse).

     – Many clients are perimenopausal and need someone who understands the challenges this can bring into our businesses.

    Previous and Current Clients 2023/24:

     – Lisa: We developed her digital product portfolio to align with her passions and took her from £5k – £27k launches and a thriving £40k membership.

     – Hannah: We developed her niche blog content plan and approach, helping her monetise and grow her audience into a successful brand.

     – Rebecca: We worked on pivoting her interiors business to attract a new client base through social media, specifically Instagram, and developing ideas around her new offer.

    Jeanne: We worked on building a brand new business idea and taking it online, with a supporting blog and potential niche content.

    Areas of Skillsets to Learn From:

    Tech Funnels: I’ve used multiple tools and tech strategies in my 7 years of creating online digital products, courses and memberships. Automation and ease of use is a key focus.

    Pinterest: Over the last 7 years I’ve taught hundreds of businesses how to use Pinterest Marketing for audience growth.

    Email Marketing: From lead magnets to welcome series, this is a special passion and another tool I use weekly in my own business to great success.

    Business Blogs: I still run the UK’s No.1 Interiors blog (over 13 years old) and this year founded the Blogging Collective and Masterminds to teach businesses how to leverage a blog into their marketing. Many have monetised their sites as a result.

    SEO: Mainly for blogs but for websites too. I grew my blog to 100k monthly traffic via SEO in 2023.

    Social Media Marketing: from Instagram to Facebook, to LinkedIn, these are all fundamental to a successful marketing approach.

    Mindset: Overcoming imposter syndrome, procrastination, fear of judgment and more with a compassionate, kind and authentic approach. I am currently training for a Professional Coaching Diploma to help my clients more deeply.

    Business Pivot: Online businesses need to sustain  themselves through changes and developments, so pivoting my business to survive has been a key thread to my success. I bring my years of experience in this field to my mentoring program.

    You are a genius! And worth 1000000x your weight in gold. I came into our session this morning  feeling extremely vague and unsure.

    In less than 40 minutes, you had focused in on what I wanted to achieve and we discussed my next steps.

    The genius  showed itself in your ability to take  my garbled chatter, hone it down  to a short list of words and then paint me a picture of my future business that was so right and so  real that it reached into my core and made me cry happy tears. That is truly a gift!

    Alison Mitchell

    Super Troupers

    Jen and our sessions gave me the focus and confidence that I was lacking in taking my business forward


    School Run Mum

    Jen has given me so much confidence in myself and her belief in me and her support has brought me so far in such a short space of time. Thank You Jen


    School Run Mum

    I just want to say that I feel I have benefited immensely from the 1-1. I very nearly didn’t sign up, as I didn’t think I had the time to fit it in, but I realised that it was important to make time.

     I don’t particularly like speaking out and asking questions in a group session, so the 1-1 was perfect for me. The fact that I was being held accountable was also good for me, to make sure that I completed any actions that we set. Jen is very easy to work with, and I have really enjoyed the sessions.


    My Billet Doux

    Working one-to-one with Jen has helped me work through these.  She’s not been afraid to give tough feedback to help sharpen my ideas, but she delivers it in a supportive and encouraging way that makes me feel enthused and empowered. I appreciate too that she’s willing to share both her highs and lows as a blogger, and I know I’m getting the benefit of years of real-world experience. Thanks to my sessions with Jen I now feel significantly more confident in my ability as a blogger and I’m very grateful to have her in my corner as I grow!


    Business Adviser

    More about me.

    • After a Psychology degree and a few years in food retail, I set up my first company – in residential cleaning. I dabbled and experimented.
    • Then came a retrain into corporate IT and a decade of professional services, travel and customer liaison. 
    • The second company came in my mid 30s – Baby Signing franchises which led to my first foray in social media.
    • Then came the third business setup, creating and developing one of the UK’s leading Interior blogs, Pinterest marketing consultancy, coaching and mentoring with hundreds of small business.  
    • I’m now training to be an Internationally accredited Professional coach to help my clients through their midlife business years.
    • The last 5 years have brought clarity in how I want to serve other women, how I believe we all deserve this moment to fulfill our potential, and that our 40s, 50s and beyond can be our BEST decades yet!

    My goal?

    To influence the world through helping women make deep, lasting change in their lives..

    How do I do that?

    I’m proud to be leading change, offering guidance, expertise and experience to impact others.

    My superpower?

    Defining the vision of online businesses, and understanding how to effect their evolution.