Ever hear people talk about Pinterest Group Boards, and wonder what on earth they’re talking about? Well, don’t worry you’re not alone. Group boards are mystery to a lot of people, but it’s well worth getting to grips with them as they can provide lots of great extra traffic and a way to get your pins seen by a much wider audience.

In today’s post I’m giving you the complete low-down on group boards, PLUS there’s a cute little video tutorial with some tips on how to find the BEST ones suitable for your niche.

How to Find the BEST Pinterest Group Boards:-

What are Group Boards?

A group board is just like a normal Pinterest board but with one major difference. Instead of just one person pinning to it, you can have multiple people pinning their content to the board. Sometimes a board will have hundreds of different pinners sharing their pins to the one board. Those pinners are called editors or collaborators.

The board is the same in all other ways. It has a name or title, and belongs to a certain category or niche. The description may vary a little from a single board though, as this is usually where the owner of the board describes the rules of pinning. It might also say how you become a member, if you want to join the band of pinners sharing their content.

Why you Need Group Boards:

There are lots of benefits to being part of great group boards. BUT you have to ensure the board is a quality collection of great pins, on topic and well controlled. Make sure the board is up to date, make sure it’s being pinned to regularly, and take a look at the activity on the pins too.

If you find a few boards you are part of the rewards can be great. You’ll get extra eyes on your content, although we know that the Pinterest Smart Feed isn’t always about how many followers you or your boards have, and you might also get repins/saves on your pins too depending on the rules of the boards.

If you do join some, make sure you’re an active member, pinning regularly and on topic. Don’t fall foul of the rules either or you risk being kicked out and your access denied.

How to Find Group Boards:

So this is actually the tricky bit. You can spend hours hunting and searching on Pinterest looking for group boards that suit your niche and that you are happy to join, but it’s not always as simple as that. You might find a few you want to join but can’t figure out what to do to become a contributor. Even when you do, you don’t always get a response and all your efforts go to waste.

Free Video Tutorial – How to Find the BEST Pinterest Group Boards:

If you’re confused about how to join Pinterest group boards and would love some tips, take a look at my short tutorial video on how to find the BEST Pinterest group boards.

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So click HERE to watch your free video and start joining the BEST Pinterest group boards you can find, and boost your Pinterest traffic to the max.


How to find the best Pinterest group boards for your niche, that help you grow your Pinterest views, traffic and followers. Tips and tricks as well as a free video tutorial showing you exactly what to do and how to get accepted onto a group board. I would love to know what you think of group boards. Do you own any? Are you a group board contributor? Do they help your pinning? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Happy pinning

Jen x