The New Year is a time for a fresh approach, new ideas and a tonne of creativity. So today I’m sharing my business plans, as a digital marketing coach, mentor and champion of midlife business women.

Let’s dive right in. You’ve been asking what plans I have for 2022 so here I’m going to share what I hope for, and why I’m taking this approach.

My Digital Marketing Coach Plans for 2022


Picture of Jen Stanbrook digital marketing coach sat on a white chair in a leather jacket

Last year, particular the final quarter was tough. Personally I went through a lot and the business suffered because I AM the business. I show up or I don’t. When I don’t, sales slow down and I don’t achieve goals and ambitions.

I’m menopausal and that wasn’t under control plus there’s the small thing of the pandemic and the impact that’s had on my family.

I can’t control the pandemic, but I can do something about my menopause symptoms – which I’m now doing – and I can help my family. I can also put measure in place to take care of myself.

So how do I want 2022 to shape up for the business.

Ideology and Ethos:

Last year I had a bit of business coaching and mentoring myself. It definitely stretched me, mentally and challenged me in a new way. Was it the right way? I’m not sure it aligned that well for me, but the ethos was solid.

Build a business that your clients love, that serves them well and helps them achieve their goals and passions.

And ensure it aligns with your values and goals too. 

Business has to be fluid for me, it has be diverse and creative or I get bored. I need new challenges and I love experimenting. That’s what lights me up.

On a practical level, I need the business to carry on when I’m not able to show up. It needs to be sustainable and last year’s events illustrated that in its current state, it’s not.

And I strongly believe in running a business my way. I’m way too old to care what others think of how I do things. I like guidance but I also believe in applying that to my way of doing things. And I strongly urge you to do that with my training. Take from it what you need and use it in YOUR way. There is no right or wrong.

So I’m your business coach, digital marketing mentor and online business coach based in the UK.

Growth as a Digital Marketing Coach:

I hoped that in 2021 I’d break the six figure turnover threshold. It looked likely from the first half of the year but tailed off in the final quarter.

Analysing the figures did show that the year wasn’t as bad as I thought financially and I got closer to the 6 figures than I realised. I highly recommend reviewing a year before making goals and plans for the next.

So in 2022 I’m aiming for those six figures and more, actually. I’ve broken it down:

  • Quarterly Turnover: 35k
  • Monthly Turnover 12k

I also know what I plan to offer/sell to hit those targets. I will also say, I have a couple of other income streams too. Love Chic Living is my award winning interiors blog and that’s still alive and well proving me an income. Plus I offer Pinterest consultancy to agencies and organisations.

That gives me a plan and a focus each month.


As I mentioned before, the business stalled a little when I wasn’t able to show up personally with energy and drive. I’ve always found that offering a digital marketing coach service needs me in person. So, should that happen again, I need the business to be more sustainable.

I’m introducing more passive income. More products for you to just access without me being present. More opportunities to learn from me in a flexible way – self study for example – downloadable guides, pre-recorded courses and so on.

Furthermore I’ve fallen out of love with Zoom. Why? I don’t want to be tied to it so much, I want more fluidity in my courses and coaching that saves time and can integrate with your business better.

My 1-1 Day with a Difference mentoring offer has gone down so well I’ll be incorporating this approach into my coaching and programs this year. So expect more access to me in more fluid ways. Longer hours, texting/messaging access, different style Q&As and much more.

Product Journey:

Historically you’ll know more for being a Pinterest Coach with Pinterest marketing courses. I’m not leaving that but I am leaning into more of my strengths around mentoring as a digital marketing coach in general.

My most rewarding achievement last year was running the virtual Clarity Retreat – 3 days of speakers for midlife women in business around menopause, mindset and marketing. It was incredible. I created the Clarity membership too but made the decision to close it when life overwhelmed me later in 2021.

Reviewing my year highlighted that this membership and event aligned perfectly with who I want to help, and how I want to do that. 

So expect more expertise sharing from me and more communities (but not more FB groups!)

In the coming weeks you’ll see more services that enable you to establish and grow your online business as a midlife 40+ woman.

Why am I specifying time of life? It aligns well with me, I relate well to it and I believe menopause and that period in a woman’s life should be more openly discussed, championed and understood. Women in their 40s and 50s are knowledgeable, fearless and driven. Many are changing careers and to online businesses but menopause can derail us if we’re not careful. 

Here’s a list of what’s courses and programs are ready now and what’s coming soon: (I’ll update the list in the next few weeks as everything gets released.) If you’re on my email list you’ll get notified



  • Free 25 Lead Magnet Ideas
  • Email Marketing Masterclass. £37 Coming Soon
  • Evolve Easy Email Marketing Program: £697. Opening again March 2022
  • 1-1 Power Hour: £247 Email to book


  • Free -The Easy Guide to Creating, Publishing and Marketing a Blog Post. Coming Soon
  • Blogging Made Simple course. Coming Soon



  • The Clarity Circle. My brand new mastermind group. Intimate, high touch and designed to help you grow towards your next big goal in your online business. Peer to peer learning and support. In person event included.  Coming Feb 2022. Email to apply. £300 per month. 3 months minimum commitment.

And lastly, another I can’t tell you much about yet, but it’s a collaborative endeavour to help you tackle tech and digital marketing in your new online business/project. Coming Q2.

My business looks difference in 2022. Let’s not kid ourselves that it’s going to be an easy year but that doesn’t mean we give up on our hopes and dreams. We just need to adapt our way of achieving them.

I hope you’ll stick with me. And, as ever I’m open to hearing what you’d love me to create for you. Remember, online marketing is my thing. Tech and systems too, plus the unravelling of our heads when they block us from improving our business.

I’m here for it all, let’s see what 2022 has to offer.

Jen x