If you didn’t know it, Pinterest has very strong trends throughout the year in terms of what works well on the feed. It depends on lots of things, but mostly on the seasons and events and what pinners will be planning for and towards. I’m sure we all use Pinterest for some holiday planning, a little decor inspiration and some ideas on what to cook for dinner, but hard-core pinners are looking for much more than that.

Typically pinners are filling their boards with ideas at least 3 months ahead of schedule. So, for example, if you’re a content curator and want to see some more clicks to your site, think about pinning your Christmas content from late September. If you can stomach it!

What to Pin in August:

Want to stay ahead and pin before the trends really take off on Pinterest? Build your traffic, get more clicks and use Pinterest more effectively for your blog and business. Learn what to pin in August and download the free Seasonal Pinning Planner with what to pin each month for the whole year. So as we’ve just entered the new month of August, what should you be pinning to your feed now?

If we go with the idea that we need to start pinning for events and trends 3 months ahead of schedule this is what we need to start looking at this month:

  • Autumn. Anything Autumn related whether that’s food, holidays, decor, family focused and more. If you can produce Autumn related content, or have Autumn focused products on your website, start pinning them now.
  • Back to School. This one has been trending for a few months actually, and is probably coming towards the end of its life in terms of the 3 month pinning trend. But if you do have ideas, inspirations or products centred around any kind of back to school topic, now’s the time pin it before to make the most of repins and traffic.
  • Halloween. This is HUGE on Pinterest and spans so many different niches, from the obvious like food, party decor and costumes to the more abstract like Halloween invitations, how to do Halloween makeup, best Halloween holidays and so on.
  • Autumn Fashion. If you love fashion or not, if you pin it regularly or not, the new season is a great time to share some ideas for Autumn outfits, what’s new in, and how to get the right look. Don’t forget all the accessories, makeup, shoes and nails too.
  • Thanksgiving. Again like Halloween, Thanksgiving is massive on Pinterest and well worth finding some content to share in this area. Crafts, recipes, costumes, decorations, parties and more. If you blog about money or services you can stretch the topic to fit your niche, just be creative and get this keyword into your content and your descriptions.

So, now you have some ideas about what to pin in August, why not grab the full Seasonal Pinning Planner which details what to pin for EVERY month of the year. Use it as your reference guide when you need a little pinning inspiration and want to stay ahead of the pinning trends.

Click HERE to get download your Seasonal Pinning Planner. This takes you to my Resources Hub, where you sign up and get access to the planner, plus all the other free resources currently on the Hub. I won’t spam you, I promise, and you’ll get all the new free resources as I create them. 

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