You’ve probably heard about Tailwind if you’re a regular pinner for your blog or business, and you may in fact be using it to help explode your Pinterest traffic. But have you come across Tailwind Tribes, and how they can provide a serious boost to your pinning strategy?

If not, let me explain. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler, approved by the platform and offering a great way to manage your pins as well as give you amazing statistics on your results. There’s a feature within Tailwind called Tribes – it’s still in Alpha test mode – that’s essentially great big, ongoing pinning threads within your niche with like minded pinners. They are awesome. And they can seriously boost your pins from the outset. If you get lots of saves on a pin from the beginning, you’re giving that pin a much better chance of going viral. That’s what we all want right?

How Tailwind Tribes Work:

When you become part of a Tribe, you’ll need to take note of the rules. Most Tribe owners list them in the description and you must make sure you adhere to them, or you risk being thrown out. Generally, it’s about using good quality, vertical pins, staying on topic and saving other pins as many times as they suggest. In my Tribe for example, I ask that for every pin you leave in the group, you repin 2 others onto your Pinterest account. I think that’s pretty fair, and pretty standard practice too.

How to Find your Tribe:

So this is the tricky bit. At the time of writing, Tailwind hasn’t developed a search facility for Tribes within the platform so it’s not easy to find Tribes to join, and in fact you won’t even have the Tribes option on your sidebar before joining your first. If you want to find Tribes within your niche there are a few ways to go about it,

  1. Search on Pinterest itself looking for the kind of Tribe you want to join. Many bloggers who run them are creating blog posts shouting about them.
  2. Search on Google for Tailwind Tribes, again another way to find blog posts or news articles talking about Tribes.
  3. Join Facebook Groups that share them, and allow you to share your own if you run one. You can find one here for example.
  4. Join a Pinterest Facebook group which discusses all things Pinterest, including Tailwind Tribes. You can find mine HERE.
  5. Keep asking on social media for Tribes you can join until you find a few more. Note, Tribes is much bigger in the US at the moment, so keep that in mind.
  6. Create one of your own! And invite some friends/colleagues to join in. Start small and build from there.

If you haven’t joined Tailwind yet, and wonder what all the fuss is about, I strongly urge you to give it a go. It is a game changer! It allows you to spread your pinning evenly, across a 24 hour period, giving you your ideal pinning times, and feeding back great stats on your progress so far. Tailwind statistics are WAY better than Pinterest Analytics, giving you ways to repin great pins, and focus on the elements that are really working from your pinning in general.

You can get a free Tailwind trial for 30 days right HERE, and also, if you decide to join up you’ll get a $15 discount. Note: This is my affiliate link, but feel free to share your link to others enabling you to get money off your next Tailwind bill.

Want to join my Tribe? If you’re in the Home Decor niche, are a regular pinner, pinning great vertical pins with good descriptions, you are free to join my Tribe. Click HERE to gain access to the Love Chic Living Tailwind Tribe. 


What do you think of Tribes? Do you struggle to find the right ones?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

Jen x