Join me LIVE for an hour-long masterclass where we will be discussing how to create the most effective Pinterest pinning strategy for your business or your blog.

(If you can’t make it live you’ll be sent the recording afterwards)

If you’ve been confused by all the recent Pinterest updates and want a clear plan on what to pin and when, this is for you. We’ll learn how to maximise traffic to your website with minimal effort, saving you time whilst building your audience.

You’ll love this session if:

  • You’re not sure how much to pin each day and are scared of getting it wrong
  • You’ve heard you should pin lots of your own content but don’t have time to create it
  • You want a clear, easy to follow set of steps for pinning on Pinterest
  • You’ve no idea how to analyse your results and what it all means

What’s Covered in the Masterclass?

  • I’ll teach you my foolproof pinning system that I share with all my students and use on all my clients.
  • You’ll learn what to do with your beautifully curated pin, where to pin it, how many times and when.
  • We’ll talk about how to maximise the content and pins you have by creating the right kinds of boards on your profile.
  • Creating the right pins and keyword rich descriptions to maximise traffic to your website.
  • All of the latest changes and updates to Pinterest and how to adapt your pinning strategy to take them into account.
  • Plus, a look at analytics from 3 different sources to help identify what works and what doesn’t
  • Finally, I’ll share some advanced strategies to help build your traffic once you have the basics covered.
  • To end, we’ll have a live Q&A covering all the extras you need to know about your Pinterest Strategy

Who’s It For?

Anyone who uses Pinterest as a marketing tool to promote their blog or business.

Businesses, brands and bloggers who use the platform to drive traffic to their website or want to improve the amount of clicks they get from Pinterest.

Social media managers and VAs who offer Pinterest account management services.

If you’re a complete Pinterest novice or a hobby pinner this maybe isn’t for you, but a Newbie Pinners Masterclass will be coming soon!

About Me:

I’ve been coaching businesses and bloggers in the art of using Pinterest as a marketing tool for their websites for over 2 years. I’ve been using Pinterest myself for over 5 years, have just under 1 million followers, and drive tens of thousands of hits to my blog every month.

In 2 years I had over 1.5 million new visitors to my blog from Pinterest alone.

Pinterest is a passion, not just work, and I love working with others who are equally as passionate about using this powerful tool to better their businesses. I love running live sessions and am so excited about being able to share my knowledge with so many of you at the same time.


How do I watch?

It’s really easy, you can use your phone, tablet or pc to watch me live via the link I’ll send you and ask questions via the chat section in real time. You can see and hear me but I can’t see you.

What if I sign up and then can’t make it?

No problem, if you miss it live you’ll automatically be sent the recording

What happens if I want to see it but can’t make the date and time?

Again, you’ll automatically be sent the recording soon afterwards.

Why do I have to pay to join?

I want the really serious people on this session, those who really want to make a difference to their businesses and so I’m asking you to show me how serious you are. There is plenty of free information on the blog and website if you want to start there. PLUS, I’ll not be selling you anything extra, this is an information-packed, up to date masterclass that you won’t get anywhere else.

How do I pay?

You just need your credit card – that’s it! Hit the Book Now button at the bottom of the page.

What happens after I’ve signed up?

You’ll get an email with a link to the Masterclass, and then a few reminders nearer the time. Just use the link to enter the class a few minutes before we begin (and don’t forget your notebook and pen!)


You cannot beat the human touch. Pinterest can seem unfathomable, no matter how much you read about it. Speaking to Jen one-on-one has finally given me a clear idea of how I can use the platform to drive traffic to my blog. I have a plan! I’m hugely grateful and excited to get going. Thoroughly recommend. Thanks Jen. – Helen Perry – Not About the Kids blog

Jen is really great at what she does and just a couple of hours have taught me so much about how to use Pinterest to grow our small business! Can’t recommend her services enough! – Aaron – The Gifted Few

Jen gave me a really clear and manageable plan for moving forward AND was really lovely to chat to.  Thank you so much, I highly recommend working with Jen. – Kate de Bass – Pipity

The Pinterest Strategy Masterclass will run again later in 2018.

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