Many bloggers are using Pinterest to help build their audience and get more eyes on their content. Those that have cracked how to use it successfully are seeing great results. I’ve helped so many bloggers in the last year who wanted to understand how to use Pinterest better and improve their traffic. But I know there are still lots of bloggers who aren’t sure they should bother. Many are spending all their time on Instagram (yep, me too!) but diverting just a few minutes a day to Pinterest can see huge results.

If you’re still not convinced, just read about these 3 bloggers, and how devoting some time to understanding Pinterest has helped them in a big way.

Kimberly from Swoon Worthy took some training with me last year to help get her views back up from Pinterest after an algorithm change. Here’s what happened next:

While I was using Pinterest as an inspiration board, I realised I didn’t have any strategy when it came to my blog (I was only using it to gather inspiration for blog posts and for my own personal use). I’d often forget to pin my own imagery to my boards or I’d only pin one image to one board and call it a day.

Jen suggested cleaning up my profile, adding more of my own photography in pins and to start using Tailwind regularly to schedule my pins.

This strategy has meant that my pin impressions have gone up 1759%, repins have gone up 1983% and most importantly, click throughs have gone up by 1883%. My Pinterest traffic has gone up 462% making it my biggest referrer after Google searches!

AND as a result I decided to increase my rates so Pinterest can actually translate to more £££s!

Isn’t that just incredible?

You can read more about Kimberly’s Pinterest journey in her own blog post HERE.

It’s not just Kimberly though, check out what these other bloggers are saying about cracking Pinterest with a little help from me…

Aly from Bug Bird Be:

It’s been a slow process re-doing pins on my old blog posts and getting used to the new thinking behind how to use Pinterest properly but I am seeing positive results. Pinterest is now my 2nd top referrer after Google and people are sticking around to view other related posts .I’ve never paid for a course before now, so just wanted to say thanks as it was worth the money.

Antonia from #TidyLife:

I took Jen’s PINSIGHT course because although I had already established a good following on Pinterest, I didn’t feel I was making the most of it. I thought PINSIGHT might help me to identify how to capitalise on this opportunity and ensure Pinterest was bringing as much traffic to my website as possible – and it did!

I feel more confident in my ability to use Pinterest effectively now. I know my boards are fully optimised, I can schedule my pinning through Tailwind – I just feel more on top of it and organised and it feels like a part of my business now, rather than ‘oh heck, something else I need to remember to do!’

So, if you want to improve the way you use Pinterest but aren’t sure how to go about it, I have a few free resources that can help you.

The best one is the 7 Steps to a Killer Pinterest Strategy email course which you can access below.

Over 7 days you’ll be guided through building your Pinterest profile, making great pins and creating a strategy. You can do it at your own pace too, fitting it into your schedule as you need to.

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions about these bloggers and their success.

Happy pinning,

Jen x